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Nabhriene maintains an intense but friendly rivalry with the adjacent province of Elevesnemiere. When it comes to beer, the people of Nabhriene are adamant that their ales and stout porters are superior to the lagers of their northern neighbor. The marked difference in type renders comparisons moot, but that fact does not prevent beer lovers from traveling frequently to each other's province to sample their rival's fare. So while it is not true that men have killed each other over this argument, more than a few fistfights have broken out - usually concluding with reconciliations over quite a few too many pitchers. The beer festivals of Nabhriene aren't nearly as grand as those in Elevesnemiere, but what they lack in grandeur they make up in quantity and fervor.
Avanfair is the one substantial town in Nabhriene. It is home to nearly 800 people but the population swells to over 2,000 during festivals which draw visitors from throughout Tuornen and some neighboring realms. Avanfair is known for its excellent public houses, skilled carpenters and cartwrights, and a burgeoning theatrical company, the Countess's Court.
A skilled playwright named Miranelle Flaertes (no direct relation to the duchess - as far as anyone knows) leads the troupe, Growing in fame and popularity, she first earned favorable reviews for a series of historical plays dramatizing Tuornen?s War of Brothers and the heroic legend of Braedonnal Tuare?s banishment and restoration.
The company now plays to sellout crowds during festivals, and receives frequent invitations from Haes to perform for the court.
Rissa, Countess of Nabhriene, rules her province with all the care and calculation of a guilder. She trusts no clerk to handle her books, and so spends much of her time acting as her own exchequer. Somewhat severe in her middle years, Rissa rarely attends the festivals, nor would she ever be found in a public house. The same cannot be said for her six active and social children, all now in their teens. Rissa does, however, appreciate theatre (or at least purports to, in light of its popularity among other members of the duchess's court) and is a patron to the troupe that bears her name.

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