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Mour el-Sirad

Haelyn (State Religion)

GB Income:
5 GB
RP Income:
30 RP


Mour el-Sirad is a geographically small Khinasi realm but its regent, el-Sirad, also has source holdings in the neighbouring Djafra and Khourane.

[top]Life and Society

The meharmaine act as el-Sirad's law enforcers in his provinces, bringing his rule to all who live within.

[top]The Land

There are only two provinces in Mour el-Sirad, GhourÝn and Bicheda.
=== GhourÝn ===
GhourÝn is also divided between the jungled mountains of the Rain Serpent Mountains and the moderately forested foothills of the coast. The town of Mariele lies inland.
=== Bicheda ===
Bicheda is part rolling plains and part jungled mountains, as the Rain Serpent Mountains divide Khourane from Djafra. Most of the settlement is concentrated along the coast among the hills near Bebrid and Jallam, the major towns.


10 years ago, El-Sirad, aka the Sorcerer, claimed the two provinces by casting an impenetrable warding that isolated them for years. Despite the efforts of the emira's magic and troops, El-Sirad could not be dislodged. By the time he released his warding and opened the lands, he had forged the two provinces into his own domain.

[top]Important Figures

El-Sirad, the Qadi of Mour el-Sirad

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Mour el-Sirad
Bicheda, Mour el-Sirad (2/5)Sir (2)SOH (1)DML (1)Sir (4)
GhourÝn, Mour el-Sirad (2/5)Sir (2)SOH (2)DML (1)Sir (5)
Adeid, Khourane (2/3)KFM (1)NTS (2)SOS (2)Sir (2)
Ber Dijn, Khourane (0/9)Sir (8)
el-Sirte, Khourane (1/8)KFM (1)NTS (1)SOS (1)Sir (5)
FhÝrda, Djafra (4/3)SN (2)NTS (4)SOS (4)Sir (3)
SOS (2)
Nurida, Djafra (5/2)SN (3)NTS (3)SOS (4)Sir (2)
SOS (2)FDA (2)DML (1)
Qadal, Djafra (2/5)MD (2)FDA (2)DC (2)Sir (3)

Abbreviations: Sir=el Sirad (Mour el-Sirad); KFM= Kalilah bint Farid el-Mashil (Khourane); SN= Shahlilah min Nurida (Nurida); MD=Malik el-Djafara Djafra; NTS=Nuridan Temple of Sarma (Rigel min Namal); SOS=Society of the Serpent (Darius Asparta); SOH=Shield of Hala´a (Tihara min Buseri); FDA=Fiery Dawn of Avani (Jihal el-Arrat); DML=Djafran Merchant League (Ousira bint Falih); DC=Docandragh Coster (Omar el-Rehal).

  • Law: El-Sirad controls the law in his own realm, Khourane and Djafra are not well governed.
  • Temples: Nuridan Temple of Sarma holds most sway in territory with el-Sirad's interests, though the Shield of Hala´a has the faith in the Mour el-Sirad.
  • Guilds: Djafran Merchant League
  • Source: The sorcerer, el-Sirad

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