Mors Head Hunters

In Ancient Times, the Drachenfleissers (Drachenward Head Hunters) drove the gnolls out of the Drachenward and kept the borders secure. They were a true army then. Now, the Morjägers (Mor's Head Hunters) endeavor to recapture some of that mystique as a mercenary company in the employ of the Soldat (Soldat comes from Soldaten which translates to "The King's Soldiers" and is basically the rulers of the realm). The Head Hunters also make a profit hunting, fishing, and trapping in the woods and along the glacier known as the Klessberg.

The leader of the guild is Dremmin Slyzky. He comes from the Vos lands to the southeast but serves Drachenward as his home. He secretly wishes for the Soldat to order his men to take the eastern provinces of Grabentod and wishes to be named regent of that area. He feels that the eastern provinces of Grabentod would make a good buffer state. In the meantime his guild of mercenaries have begun to help fill the empty treasury of Drachenward.

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