Moerel the Wise

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by Darren Cooper
18th-level Anuirean Mage (wizard generalist)

[top]AD&D 2nd Edition Statistics

Strength: 7
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 18
Charisma: 15

AC: DM determined
hp: 37
MV: 9
THAC0: (base) 15
Bloodline: Vorynn, great, 54
Blood Abilities: Heightened Ability,Alter Appearance, Blood History, Character Reading, Resistance (great), Travel

Equipment: Moerel has the resources of the entire College of Sorcery for his use, and therefore has any equipment deemed necessary by the DM, including magical items and spell components.

Description: Moerel the Wise has been a council member longer than anyone else, and it shows. He is a greatly aged man (just over 110 years of age), with crinkled skin, hunched shoulders, and water blue eyes. Like the wizards in legends and stories told by bards around the fire, Moerel the Wise may look helpless and defenseless, but he is far from it. With his mastery of magic and the power of the land, Moerel is a fearsome opponent indeed.

Few know of Moerel's past, but rumors have it that he and Azusena, have been romantically linked since their first days in the College. Most outsiders scoff at this suggestion, noting the apparent discrepancy in age. But nevertheless, of all the wizards that are currently on the Council, Moerel is the sole person who can influence the decisions of the secretive Azusena.

Moerel's title is "Keeper of the Royal College Seal". He is the second in command within the Council structure, and is responsible for the overall functioning of the College. He leads the Council meetings and judges the voting process within that body. Nothing becomes official within the College without Moerel's approval. Due to his advanced age, however, most of the day-to-day responsibilities of his station go to his four apprentices.

By College law, Moerel's position forbids hit have a legal vote in Council decisions, yet *all* of the council members (Azusena included) heed his advice and widsdom on such matters. Moerel's most important function comes down to keeping an eye on the other council members and ensuring that not one member undermines the ruling body of the Council. The College's peaceful history over the past century attests to the influence this man has had within the College.

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