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Moradin's Forge


GB Income
12 GB + Mur-Kilad holdings
RP Income
19 R P + Mur-Kilad holdings

Acc. Regency


All the dwarven gods are worshiped in one unitary faith under the leadership of Moradin. In Baruk-Azhik, the only temple to worship Moradin is Moradin's Forge. All dwarves revere Moradin and worship him along with clan and craft patrons. Dwarves make a practice of studying his laws. Religion is deeply embedded in dwarven culture and separating the two for analysis is impossible.

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Ruarch Rockhammer is the grand high priest of Moradin's Forge and collects the regency of the temples. However, like all dwarven institutions, the office of the high priest is embedded in a complex network of oligarchy. The temple is organized by both province and clan, and the high priest is expected to abide by the will of both the province council and the clan assembly. Further, the temple is understood as a department of the state, joining the Overthane in a complimentary relationship in service of the people and mutual protection. Traditionally it is the Overthane who acts as executive, and the high priest is his principle adviser. The temple contributes most of gold and regency it collects to the same purposes and projects as the state does. Sometimes by direct contribution, at other times in coordinated ventures.

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Moradin's Child

Known only to a few distinguished, ancient, and holy dwarves, a great relic is preserved hidden deep in the very root of the great mountain, Moradastrik. A skeleton of a dwarf made of moraskorr lies in a secret reliquary. Discovered in millennia past, this skeleton is understood to belong to one of Moradin's children. There is little doubt that this is the work of Moradin. Some believe this a great secret to be preserved, while others think that the dwarves will be best served by making the great relic an object of public veneration. No decision has been made as to what course to take. It is likely that if the war with the orogs continues to weaken the dwarves, pressure to bring the skeleton into public for adulation will increase.

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