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Sultanate of Min Dhousai




[top]Life and Society

Min Dhousai's great natural beauty mataches that of nearby Khourane and Djafra but its citizens don't share their neighbors frontier character. For centuries the waged war after war merely to survive and the state feels more like an armed camp than a domain of free citizen. Fortifications and walled estates are common along the borders, and every farmhouse has strong shutters, barred doors, and a bow or a spear by the hearth.

The Young men of Min Dhousai must serve at least three years in the king's armay, then drill regularly with a militia company for 10 years after leaving service. These very well-trained militiamen, when levied, fight as a unit of Khinasi spearmen.

[top]The Land



[top]Important Figures

King Kassim ibn Rami el-Dhousai is the absolute ruler of Min Dhousai.

[top]Plots and Rumors

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