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    I love the write-up but shouldn't this be in the Fan Fiction category?

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    I am not sure why you think this should be marked as fan fiction.

    The wiki always has the issue of not clearly defining what is fan fiction, what is canon paraphrasing and what is simply building, adapting and expanding canon details. Many realms and domains are not well described in canon publications. Therefore, any additions tend not to be canon. It is not possible or reasonable to expect everything that is canon to be marked as such, especially since the purpose of the wiki is to adapt and expand the Birthright atlas. That said, there are some wiki pages that are solely new creations. These could be marked as Fan Fiction but often aren't.

    Remember, if it is not marked as a user's personal interpretation of Birthright or the BRCS rules, you are welcome to edit and refine any wiki page. As to anything marked fan fiction, that can probably treated as a personal interpretation as well.


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