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    Vos religions in Mieres

    A recent edit on the wiki page for Mieres removed a mention of Kreisha as a religion in the area. However the text says the foillowing:

    "The last church with a major religious presence is the Vos temple in Mieres. Pirates have a reputation for being bloodthirsty and the reavers of Mieres are no exception. Belinik's teachings appeal to the more violent and chaotic of the pirates, and the Vos of Mieres maintains a small temple in Seaward to cater to these individuals. The worship of Kriesha is significantly rarer and less well-known, and primarily revolves around her aspect as a financial planner."

    The wiki page for Vos of Mieres barely mentions Belinik and never mentions Kreisha (but is part of the Kriesha category).

    Anyone know what the publications say?
    Is Kriesha part of the worship in the small temple of Vos of Mieres or is it solely about Belinik?


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    Ruins of Empire has very little and does not mention which deity Vos of Mieres is dedicated to.
    Tribes of Heartless Wastes notes that "In most Vos lands, the priests of Belink and Kreisha hold sway...continue to dominate the spirits of most Vos." I could not find any other reference to the Vos of Mieres in the TotHW.

    For me, this would leave it up to DM interpretation. The option of either one deity or the other, both, or as an unusual option - the worship of Vos culture with both Belink and Kreisha vying for control based on the nature of each worshipper.

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    The keeping of Kriesha's as a category into Vos of Mieres was my oversight.

    I remember reading somewhere between the wiki and the Vos source book that Kriesha and Belinik are the 2 faces of war. Kriesha prepares to war, while Belinik leads to it - They work mostly as a separate pantheon, even if Belinik priests are a different cult than Kriesha's.

    In my idea, a pirate cult should be 99% devoted to the pillaging side - fantasy pirates do not work or handle economy, they plunder, steal, and sell back, and then waste their gold until they need more.

    it would have made a lot more sense if the cult would become state religion, so that all economy in Mieres would be functional to pirate activity. That's the case of Grabentod I think. Religion in Mieres is mostly devoted in helping the farmers strive under their evil masters, however, or the cult of Eloele, which I never understood as state religion.

    It could be an interesting plot point if Pyotr is thinking about playing both sides - Have the pirates worship Belinik for attack, the farmers or the attacked villages worship Kriesha for "defence".

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