Mebhaighl stone

The destruction of Mount Deismaar disrupted the flow of mebhaighl throughout Cerilia. At the center of the explosion, some of this magic was enhanced by the essence of the old gods and trapped inside the hardening molten rock that was flung far and wide by the explosion.
These mebhaighl stones are mostly smooth, dark, oblong stones about the size of small melons. They weigh anywhere from 4 to 8 lbs and contain the mebhaighl equivalent to a source.

A mebhaighl stone may be used to cast realm spells as if it were a source or may be added to an existing source to increase its effective level by 1. No more than one stone may be used at time in combination with an existing source. Once used to cast a realm spell the stone loses its stored energy, but by placing it near a source for one year it may be re-energized.

There are thought to be around three dozen of these stones throughout Cerilia. The Royal College of Sorcery in Anuire is known to possess at least one. It is also rumored that the Magian and the Wizard each have one. Several prominent rulers claim to own others, especially in the Khinasi lands, but these may just be boasts to enhance the ruler's prestige.

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