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Master Craftsmen of Cerilia

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There are a few Master Craftsmen in Cerilia, whose wares are truly fit for a King (as are their prices). As most Birthright campaigns don?t have a large number of magic weapons floating around (and certainly not commonly found for sale), these Weapons of Quality would be the choice for someone who is above using something "off the rack", as it were.
To that end I have come up with a short list of Master Craftsman, including the qualities of the items they fashion. I suggest using "Sages & Specialists" to detail these NPCs as individuals should your PCs ever encounter one of them. Also a DM should determine where in Cerilia each of these folks live. It?s unlikely that they all dwell right in the PCs home-town.
Prices of the various items made by these masters should be rather high (at least as high as a Magical item of a similar type), the masters create only a few pieces a year, and each is unique in some way, even the greatest King may have to wait years before he will receive his item, provided they can persuade the Master to construct one for them.
It should also be noted that these items are as much a statement as they are a useful tool, and anyone recognizing the item for what it is will react when encountering someone possessing such an item, having recognized the owner as a warrior of some distinction, for who else could persuade a master to craft them a blade?
Lastly all of these items are of the finest quality, and all of them are suitable for enchantment. Once enchanted the enchantment will supersede the items original bonuses rather than stack if both magic and craftsmanship bestow similar effects.
Herrick (Blademaster)
Herrick crafts the best bladed weapons in Cerilia. PCs can have most any *standard* type of sword or dagger made for them by this Craftsman. His wares either have the keenness ability (if constantly maintained properly) or are +1 (non-magical).
Cadian (Bowmaster)
Cadian is aHalf-Elf who fashions the finest Bows in the Civilized kingdoms. PCs may have Cadian craft them almost any type of *standard* Bow or Crossbow. Cadian's weapons grant a +1(non-magical)to Hit, and have their ranges increased by +10 yards per range category. Also all his bows act as "Strength Bows" allowing a user to add their Strength bonuses to the bow's to Hit (as well as the +1 normally given) and Damage rolls.
Volund (Axemaster)
Volund is a Dwarf, but even among his people his weapons are legendary. PCs can have Volund forge most any *standard* Mace, Axe, or Flail. Volund's weapons are +1 to Hit, and +2 on Damage (both non-magical).
Ivarsson (Pole Arms Master)
Ivarsson's family has manufactured Pole Arms for the elite of Cerilia for centuries. PCs can have this Craftsman make virtually any *standard* Pole Arm. Weapons made by him have either +1 to hit or to damage.
El-Siddig (Armsmaster)
This Khinasi family has a reputation for creating the most unusual of weapons. PCs may have them make almost any *non-standard* weapon they can think of (Katana, Blowgun, Caltrop, Cestus, etc.). These weapons will have a +1(non-magical) to Hit, and some (DM's discretion) may also have a +1(non-magical) to Damage.
Von Golenstiel (Armorsmith)
Von Golenstiel creates some of the most fabulous suits of armor in all of Cerilia, but aside from being attractive they also serve their wearer more effectively. PCs can have this Craftsman construct nearly any type of armor or shield. All armor made by him functions at 1 AC class better then its normal type, and all shields he makes grant an additional +1(non-magical)to the users AC.
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