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Male Vos (half brecht) Bard 5/ Cleric 1; CR 6
Noble house of Evuarr
Major Bloodline of Brenna, 40

Edition Note: in 2E, Markov is a bi-classed Bard 5/Cleric 1; in 5E Markov may be a 5th-level College of Swords Bard.

NG Medium Humanoid

HD/HP: 5d6+1d8+6 (29)
Init +2
Languages Vos

AC 16, touch 12, flatfooted 14
Fort +4 , Ref +6 , Will +8

Speed 30' ft
Melee Atk +4/+4, 2x +1 Rapier (1d6+3)
Ranged +5
Base Atk +3; Grapple +3

Abilities Str 10, Dex 15, Con 13 , Int 10 , Wis 14 , Cha 17
Feats: Armor proficiency (all), Shield Proficiency, Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Rapier), Two-weapon fighting, Weapon Finesse (Rapier)
Skills: Balance +7, Bluff +8, Climb +5, Concentration +3, Decipher Script +2, Diplomacy +5, Escape Artist +7, Gather information +8, Hide +4, Jump +3, Knowledge (arcana) +1, Knowledge (religion) +1, Perform +1, Profession (pirate) +5, Spellcraft +2, Swim +7, Tumble +5, Use Magic Device +4, Administrate +5
Special Qualities: Inspire competence, Bardic Music, Bardic Knowledge, Coutnersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage, Turn Undead, Iron Will (minor), Courage (minor), Resistance (major), Healing (major), Detect Life (Great)
Description: A worn-out vos pirate dressed in brecht fashion
  • +3 Leather armor;
  • Mhinas and Pinthas, two +1 Rapier
  • A golden medallion shaped as a book, a gift from Birgitta Jarlsbane herself;
  • A plumed pirate hat, the feather permanently casts Feather fall on the wearer

Markov Evuarr

Traits: Joyful, Hyperactive, Generous

Typical Dialogue:
"Yes, you're right, if we fail, we may risk our men, our resources, maybe our life; but think about it just for a moment, what if we win?"

"Executioner Olga? Again?! My, she must love me, for I always find her beautiful, annoying presence everytime we are ready to make serious changes around here!"

"No, I don't remember from which corpse I took this medallion, but yes, I will cut your hand if you try to touch it."

"What can i say, brother, I guess the sea has softened my heart, just like you always say."

"My men inform me that the convoy with the shipment from Grevensmühl has departed from Albhostelle right now. We have two hours to conceive a plan so that 5 people may defeat 30 guards before they reach Czarny."


Born from an affair of the previous zhupan Vladimir Evuarr with a brecht swuz, Markov Evuarr grew up as vos nobility along his brother Victor. Victor always defended Markov from bullies when they were kids as Markov does not show the usual vos traits of nobility. The lower class always treated Markov better than any noble did, so Markov bonded mostly with the sailors and the pirates of Albhostelle.

With adolescence, the two brothers grew apart: Victor went to join the numerous raids against Rzhlev's neighbours while Markov, tired of the attitude people always showed towards him, He joined the crew of Kurth Göberg, a pirate from the Zweilunds islands. Markov quickly became the ship's mascot, with a beautiful voice and a vast knowledge of sea shanties. This helped him gained a status with the crew and became Göberg's trusted lieutenant very quickly.

A few years later, during a skirmish against the Royal Navy of Müden, Markov was able to stuck his dagger into a rival captain's heart. Turns out the captain was a blooded scion and Markov absorbed his bloodline. Göberg died during that battle, and Markov, who now seemed higher in charisma and even in stature, was seen as the natural successor.

However, an important priest of Nasri was killed during that battle. This was generally considered a bad omen. The pirates tried to escape from the remaining fleet by sailing toward the center of the Great Bay, and, during a storm, the Kraken emerged, and sunk the ship, apparently without cause, causing a commotion that set the ship off course. The sea remained calm for days after that. The crew got sick, the men started to fell ill an die within hours. Markov was the last one, perhaps due to his blood abilities.

Then a ship came, floating in the air, carriyng two people. A slender pirate dressed in read, who was a woman but looked almost like a man at first sight, with red hair matching her red dress; and a dark warrior, a bald barbarian with a huge scar on his cheek, so worn out that he resembled an ogre, cinder skin with fiery red eyes. "He is vos blood, he belongs to me", said the barbarian. "He's a son of Roslöwen, and so belongs to me", replied the pirate. Unable to get an agreement, they played a game of dice to see who would win him. The pirate won, and they suddently disappeared. Markov then heard a storm coming.

Next thing he remembers, a beautiful red-headed pirate stands before him, but she was not the one he saw before. his ship wrecked and he was rescued by Brigitta Jarlsbane, near the Zweilunds, on a ship full of slaves escaping a vos drakkar - a ship from Rzhlev. "Welcome back, sailor", said Brigitta. She then showed him what was going on and have him decide - help her secure the slaves to Grevensmühl or get back on the sea with a lifeboat. Markov did not think twice and vowed his life to her and her cause - an oath he still keeps today, and plans to keep until his "second" death.

[top]Behind the curtain: Markov's Destiny

What does it mean that Markov is "a son of Roschlöwen"? Maybe just that his brecht side is more important, maybe more. as the Ayairden Vierklevven's leader (assuming it has any) is unknown, Markov may actually be that leader. Or maybe he is a son of the Roslöw dynasty - the forgotten heir of Katherine Roslöw-Ulfer? if that's the case, he may have a claim to the throne and be the king everyone is waiting for.

Being a romantic person, it is hard to understand if Markov's feels compelled towards Brigitta Jarlsbane's cause, or towards her. The two of them are suspected lovers, but such tales are frequent in Rzhlev, where blood-thirsty conquerors seem to find true love at each corner. Maybe he's both, but feels that the cause is more important than his desires? or maybe one is in love and the other does not correspond? Such questions may find an answer only in your campaign.

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