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arms of Marisha

Female Vos Fighter 4 / Sorcerer 11, Scion 2; CR 17
Tsarina of Rzhlev
Great Bloodline of Vorynn, 38
LE Medium Humanoid

Edition notes: in 2E Marisha is a dual-classed F4/W11; in 5E she may be a Fighter / War Wizard or an Eldritch Knight.

HP 4d10+11d4+2d6+19 (73 hp)
Initiative +4
Languages Vos, Low Brecht

AC 14 (unarmored), 19 (armored)
Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +11

Speed 30
Melee +11
Ranged +12
Base Atk +10 Grp -

Abilities Str 13, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 15

Feats: Weapon proficiency (simple, martial), Armor proficiency (all), Combat Reflexes, Weapon focus (Bastard Sword), Improved Initiative, Battle Caster, Arcane Sanctum, Maximize Spell, Quicken Spell
Special Qualities: Detect Life (minor), Resistance (minor), Character Reading (Major), Mebhaighl Sense (Great)
Skills: -

  • The tsarina often carries with her Wolfsbite, a +3 bastard sword (+1d4 frost damage) with a silver hilt which is the symbol of power and her house;
  • She always wears her signet ring which is a ring of spell storing;
  • Her earrings actually works as +2 bracers of defense, and may cast Blur at will;
  • In battle, she wears her sacred family Studded Leather Armor +2.

Traits: Cunning, Spiteful, Impressive

Typical Dialogue:
"Attempt not to fool me, Dwarf, for I see in you heart. You are not a wolf, you are a magpie, craving for shining gold."
"(smirking)Is that so?"
"Come forth, zhupan! My sword will feed upon your arrogance, and you'll learn your place."
"You dare challenge me? so be it, Belinik will judge us in battle. Remember, I won't have mercy on your family, after I'm done with you."
"To fear magic, or worse, to underestimate it, is a sign of weakness. The magic flowing under the earth must be tamed, as everything will be, by our strength and willpower."


Marisha Rodolevisk

Marisha Rodelovisk should never have become regent of Rzhlev. She was the youngest of the four sons of tsar Rodel, and all three brother were favored over Marisha. Besides, while sharing the fierce nature of the Molev dinasty, she developed early an attitude for the arcane arts, which came to her spontaneously. She never had much use for her tutor, the Orog Golbrag Untswahl of the Broken Stave, as she always felt a direct connection with the arcane magic that flew under the land. Nevertheless, she was Vos, so she trained first and foremost as a warrior, until she partecipated to enough raids to win herself freedom of choice. She then started to explore the ancient ruins of the mountains, the lost halls of the Great Bazaar and even ventured to the borders of the Mistmoor. When she reached 21, she adventured in the Sunken Tower of Duarlavka where she found a great source of mebhaighl that she tamed. The following years she dedicated herself to rebuilt the tower as her personal laboratory and hold.

Then, fate (or something darker) took a hand. All of Marisha's brothers died in battle with the Brechts, and her older sister disappeared two weeks before the death of Rodel, due to an heart attack in 521 MR. Marisha knew well that she had to consolidate her position before sitting on the Belinik's law, any zhupan may request a blood challenge to the throne, She decided to openly invite any zhupan who wished to defy her, however she casted dreadful realm spells in their provinces, and so the zhupans were too afraid to even travel to the capital, let alone challenge her power. The only zhupan who showed at the Great Hall was Feyulf known as the red wolf, however the zhupan of Feyulfsky limited to bend the knee and returned to his province.

Becoming a regent had put a hold on Marisha's researches, however now in her middle age she plans something big to leave her name into vos history - perhaps a full scale invasion, the taming of the Mistmoor or even something more sinister - she has heard of the legend of Harold Ulfer about becoming a wizard who defied death itself...

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