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A Magocratic domain is primarily concerned with magic and sources. Most wizard regents are concerned only with these, and give little concern to other matters. Some are court wizards and spend time and attention to war and other matters in exchange for gold and mundane protection. Others still have sources only as another resource to serve the greater interests of their domain. El-Sirad is a wizard with a realm, the Mour el-Sirad, but this territory was warded for a decade and appears to be little more than base for the wizard, and does not represent a distraction from his arcane interests. Others, like Harald Khorien might wish to devote themselves entirely to magic, but politics will not permit it. Taeghas, through the direction of the agents of Darien Avan, has conventional Aristocratic concerns.
A landed lord who also controls sources as a secondary affair might also be considered to rule a magocracy if he uses his law holdings to enact special privileges for wizards or discriminates against those who cannot use magic.

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