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Covered in ancient oak trees and with foothills to the north and south, this province is bisected by a valley that is roughly bowl-shaped. Little of note stands here, since this is the homeland of House Llyrandor. The house has paid the province little mind since taking the Thorn Throne.This is perhaps one of the wildest and most desolate regions in Tuarhievel, with paths so obscure that even rangers have difficulty detecting them. Many of the elves who live here are not the kind who want to be disturbed (nor are they the kind who any sane person would want to disturb). In addition to the elven residents, it is not at all uncommon to encounter almost any form of non corporeal undead in the dense forests. The source of these restless spirits is generally attributed to the battles waged against the goblins or the experiments of wizards who foolishly tried to explore the Shadow World.


Most of the settlements in Llyrandor have fallen into disrepair, since many elves have deserted the region. This exodus was the result of two factors: first, House Llyrandor and its retainers relocated to Tuaranreigh, taking a great number of servants and others along; second, many others fled the area due to the closeness to the mysterious province of Sideath. Nonetheless, a dozen or so scattered wizard compounds remain in the area. These reclusive elven wizards are generally assumed to have come here to be close to the site where the Master of Lychgate caused the greatest magical catastrophe since Deismaar in his effort to repel the Gorgon's advancing army. However, rumors state that some of them are also dealing directly with the Master of Lychgate and probing into the Shadow World for reasons only they understand. The growing number of roaming shadows, wraiths, and banshees seem to support this theory. Some estimate that 500 elves dwell in the wizard compounds, and they serve admirably as border guards, taking a dim view of their projects being disturbed by filthy goblins and other invaders. Aside from the undead and the goblins, eccentric elven wizards are the greatest threat to visitors.
Additionally, a town of 1000 or so elves lies in the eastern part of the province. This is the remnant of the support settlement of a vast garrison that was once stationed at a now poorly maintained series of fortifications. These were constructed after the Gorgon's last attempt to invade Tuarhievel, but once it became apparent what devastation had been wrought in Sideath, the Thorn Throne deemed that there was no need to garrison it with more than a token force. The elves stationed here are generally "lifers" in the military - professionals who don't mind peace and quiet. However, boredom does strike occasionally and these guards stage impromptu raids into Markazor.

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