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Land's Protectorate

GB Income:
10 GB
RP Income:
15 RP

12 GB
21 RP


The Land's Protectorate is an institution of faith that acts like a temple in the Burrows. It is led by the Elder Deacon Elan Fairbairn.

[top]Doctrine and Faith

The temple of the Land's Protectorate reflects the halflings' special tie with the land and beyond. Its religion centers on a respect for the land and the barriers between Daylight World and Shadow World. As such, it does not worship any god but its deacons and guides have abilities similar to priests. Some of its teachings are similar to those of Ruornil, but it is also seen as a source of knowledge on Shadow magic. Some scholars believe that Erik watches over the Protectorate and its care for the land, but others view the success and harmony of the Burrows to be a sign of Sera's power.

The Land's Protectorate is also used by warriors, rogues and priests for training in the Shadow World abilities particular to halflings. As such it is like a guild in that it teaches and administers exclusive skills and practises. The main lodge in each province is run by a Deacon, with the Elder Deacon being the regent.

[top]Shadow training

Cerilian halflings naturally have an affinity with the Shadow World, and as such have a shadow sense. However, they can also be trained to extend this into other shadow abilities. The Land's Protectorate is one of the few places on Cerilia that provides such training, but does so cautiously. Firstly, it does not advertise that it has such expertise or services. Secondly, it limits who will be trained in what. It tends to only teach the Shadow Walker feat to those who it feels will use it for worthy purposes. The more powerful abilities, like Shadow Guide or anything requiring a stronger connection to the Seeming like shadow magic, tend to be reserved for a select few in the church's senior staff. Of course, not everyone finds they are able to link to the Shadow World and some are driven mad by its taint.

[top]The Land


[top]Important Figures

Elan Fairbairn (MHlf; Pr5, Land's Protectorate; Br, major, 26; CG), Elder Deacon
Tobias Farskin, (MHlf; Pr3, Land's Protectorate; Ry, minor, 12; CG), provincial Deacon of Coarsewell
Dodric Dansen (MHlf; Pr4, Land's Protectorate; unblooded; NG), provincial Deacon of Fellrock
Nada of the Orange (FHlf; Pr2, Land's Protectorate; An, minor, 8; LG), provincial Deacon of Westwold

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Land's Protectorate
Ambles-on-Hillsfair, The Burrows (5/0)EG (5)EF (5)JI (3)
HB (2)
Coarsewell, The Burrows (3/4)EG (3)EF (2)HB (1)
Fellrock, The Burrows (2/5)EG (2)EF (1)JI (0)RG (4)
Greenlock, The Burrows (4/3)EG (3)EF (3)HB (3)RG (3)
Westwold, The Burrows (6/0)EG (5)EF (4)JI (3)
HB (3)
Abbreviations: EG = Edvara Garrelban (Burrows); HB = Hollisande Burnlaffen (Burnlaffen, Childe, and Tallrow); JI = Jollid Innkeeper (Breadfruit North-South); EF = Elan Fairbairn (Land's Protectorate); RG = Rheulaan Greencloak (Wizard of Rheulgard);

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