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Some Khinasi-esque sayings taken from Al-Qadim, a Forgotten Realms setting published by TSR (now WOTC) and now out of print.
  • Life without sayim is meaningless

The pursuit of honor drives much of Khinasi culture, to many money and power are meaningless without honor and respect.
  • A man without a family is not a man

Material wealth is transient, blood ties are eternal, strike a man and you strike his family. Betray your family and you are nothing, lower even than a scorpion.
  • A guest is lord of the house

Hospitality is a sacred duty, a guest should be honored for generosity shows sayim. a host assumes responsibility for their guests, to murder a guest - even a dire enemy - is highly dishonorable.
  • Guests are like fish, after three days both stink

A polite guest leaves after three days whatever their feelings - to do otherwise is to presume upon the hosts generosity and shows a lack of respect. One who must stay typically acts as a servant or aid to the host after this time to honor their hosts generosity, the guests need to be supported by the host proving their lower station / debt to the host.
  • There is no Fate, but the Fate we are given

This apparently defeatist proverb is typically translated as meaning that one cannot change ones station in life or fate - the gods set the stage and mortals merely play the roles to which they are assigned. Like the best proverbs however this can also be reversed to mean that a hero has the god given right to break the rules - such is their fate.

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