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Khinasi society has many social ranks and groupings, here are some common terms:
Noble family who share the name of the ruling noble family of the realm. Most of these families have significant wealth in one form or another.
Noble family with a proud lineage - the term translates as 'named family'. The Khinasi inherit these ranks in perpetuity unless tripped of their rank for some reason and so fully 1/4 of the Khinasi are technically Ajazada. Most of these people have no 'family income' and rely on income from acting as an artisan or merchant.
Clans of commoners with a common trade may band together to form a Geirhou which has a monopoly over a particular trade and generally populates a city district or entire village. Although strictly commoners the Geizada - head of the Geirhou - is treated with great respect by even the highest nobles for the most powerful Geirhou such as the shipwrights of Ariya.
Not a noble, but more than a commoner, the artisan caste includes merchants, skilled craftsmen, military officers, etc. Artisans ted to be treated with respect by nobles when they are useful and ignored or resented otherwise.
Laborers, fishermen, shop-keepers, soldiers, etc. Anyone who earns a living by hard labor is a commoner, although those of particular success or skill may rise to a higher social rank.
Beggers, Criminals, Lepers, Tinkers. Those who have no family at all, and travel hither and yon to scrape out a living are the lowest of the low, if not even lower. Never mentioned in polite company such worthless beings are barely considered Khinasi.

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