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One of the oldest of all the humanoid realms of Cerilia, Kal Kalathor may have existed since before the days of the great elven empires. Certainly, when goblins bent to their elven masters, Kal Kalathor went along. But when the elven rule of Cerilia crumbled, Kal Kalathor survived the tumultuous Humanoid Wars and grew, both above and below, until it became the stronghold it is today.
Like the dwarven realms of Cerilia, much of Kal Kalathor exists beneath the surface. Great caverns and tunnels weave labyrinthine patterns beneath the marshy surface of the goblin realm, and though most of Kal-Murthan, the Goblin City, can be seen on the surface of the land, much of it lies below.
The goblins of Kal Kalathor are not nearly as civilized as those in the west of Cerilia. Certainly, the Kal Kalathor goblins trade with their neighbors on occasion. It is rumored that Kal Kalathor and Molochev even share a permissive alliance. However, the goblins remain as savage and brutal as their Vos neighbors - as they must to survive. Humans who venture into the goblin realm do so at their peril.


Before the coming of Roele, the Vos dwelled on the great plateau between Coullabhie and Tuar Annwn. Almost before he had finished his conquest of the Basarji, Roele moved north, driving the Vos across the Tsongya River. The Vos retreated into the uncharted north, home previously only to goblins and beasts. Roele continued his advance, slowed only by the cruel winter. Belinik and Kriesha then entered the fray. Unable to convince their tribesmen to unite, the Vos gods instead turned to the Awnsheghlien, driving them to dominate the Vos and lead them, and the goblins of Vosgaard against Roele.
Roele fought in Vosgaard for several years, gaining land in summer only to be driven back in winter until finally he simply decided nothing more could be gained. He had conquered all the lands of value and "left the barbarians to starve in the barren lands of the north". He had driven the Vos from the civilized lands of Cerilia, and greatly reduced their numbers; he would be content with what he had achieved. That the conquest of Vosgaard could not be completed without exceptional cost is implicit in many Anuirean texts of the time.
From that time until just over three centuries ago, the Vos lived on the surface lands of Kal Kalathor, but living there meant constant war with the goblins who lived below. With the collapse of the Empire, the Brecht realm of Horstmarch and the Khinasi realm of Medec were left to their own defenses. These realms proved very tempting since they meant an end to the constant war with the goblins and the booty of civilized realms. The realm of Horstmarch had a very small population, many of which were descended from Imperial veterans. The Vos overran it quickly and settled the lands as Molochev. Medec was better defended, wealthy, and prosperous. But eventually the goblins pressed harder and harder on the Vos who remained and Igor NIkailov, leader of the Vos, rallied all of his followers and crossed the Tsongya River in a bid to conquer Medec, or die trying.
Since then the Goblins have had Kal Kalathor to themselves.


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[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Kal Kalathor
Boylspyr (2/3)KK (1)--FT (2)
Burgl (4/1)KK (3)YF (3)GC (4)-
Duegel (5/0)KK (4)YF (3)GC (3)-
MR (2)
Furzitz (4/1)KK (3)YF (2)MR (3)-
Hurgz (4/1)KK (2)YF (4)MR (2)-
Jograb (5/0)KK (5)YF (3)GC (3)-
MR (2)
Liispyk (3/4)KK (3)YF (1)GC (3)DK (0)
Murthang (8/0)KK (5)YF (4)GC (5)-
MR (3)
Puggzeg (3/2)KK (1)YF (1)MR (2)-
Snogatroi (4/4)KK (4)-MR (2)HF (4)
Thrugger (2/3)KK (0)---
Tiklek (5/0)KK (1)--HF (0)
Wormflyd (2/3)KK (1)-GC (2)-
Zegrabin (4/1)KK (3)YF (2)MR (3)HF (1)
Zzurk (1/6)---HF (2)
FT (2)
Abbreviations: KK = Kal Kalathor; FT = Finnegan Treusyyght; YF = Shrine of the yellow fang (Gorren Spittongue); GC = Grasping Claw (Foreg Elfhands); MR = Muckrakers (Korgul Ironwhip); DK = Drago Koskov (Tsar of Molochev); HF = Hogleg Fire-eyes (Sorcerer of Snog);

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