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Jorain Endier was the last Count of Endier to descend from Richard Endier. He was married to Roelira Boeruine. They had two sons and three daughters, but all were killed in brutal guild raids or assassination attempts on the Count.
His realm was burdened by the high expenses of defense and the contending power and immunity of the guilds. Desperate to get a hold on the situation, Jorain found an able lieutenant in a Hanner Sidhe of Brecht origin by the name of Kalien. Jorain offered his lieutenant titles and offices, but Kalien
eschewed any title offered, preferring the simple appellation "Guilder." As the Count?s primary lieutenant, Kalien worked from behind the scenes, saving many of Endier's valuable treaties, preserving trade routes, and checking the power of the guild underground that endangered all traffic on Endier's roads.
However, as Kalien took began turning things around, Jorain?s relatives all began to die off in a series of accidents and bandit attacks. Jorain himself, crippled by a stroke, ceded more and more power to Guilder Kalien as his family grew smaller. The death of each family member brought Jorain closer and closer to collapse, until the day his youngest son died. Jorain, a broken man, tinvested Kalien with the Endier bloodline and took his own life the same day, bringing the Endier line to a tragic end. When Jorain Endier died, Guilder Kalien assumed the regency of Endier.

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