James Enlien

Short Stats:
Cleric 5 of Ruornil
Bloodline: Major, Reynir, 35
Str 11, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 17
Notable Feats: Heighten Spell, Martial Weapon Proficiency (rapier), Sacred Spell
Notable Skills: Knowledge (Religion: TCS) +11 (5 ranks +6), Knowledge: Arcana +4, Spellcraft +5
Domains: Magic, Spell

Distinguishing marks: Black raven hair (bloodmark), lightly tanned skin, blue eyes.

James Enlien is the prelate of the Temple of the First Spell near Lake Adele. He is the spitting image of Egris Enlien. Perhaps this can be best explained that he happens to be Egris' eldest son. Egris was raised in Diemed at the hand of a wet-nurse, instead of in the 3 provinces that became Medoere. The act was to protect the child, whom Egris was loathe to give up, from his own uncle. James Enlien has a bloodmark, which happens to be his raven black hair, that manifested shortly after he was born. Egris never had the bloodmark, so James was the first to manifest one.

James was born on an inauspicious day -- the anniversary of Roele's ascension to the Iron Throne. When he was born, under the full moon, the moon was said to be especially bright. He had deep blue eyes and gained the attention of all when he was born. However, two weeks later an attack from the Spiderfell in Caerwil forced Egris to tell their midwife and wetnurse to take the baby deeper into Diemed to be raised in Aerele.

The wetnurse did as she was told, and she took the baby into Aerele to be raised. James Enlien had a wonderful childhood, as the wetnurse raised him as her own. He was allowed to catch frogs, dig up earthworms, and do other things that boys do when they were boys.

He was given a proper education in Diemed, but the midwife taught him of the Celestial Spell and of Ruornil; giving him a spiritual education. By the time, though, he turned nineteen, Medoere separated itself from Diemed during the battle at Moonstrike Keep, and the wetnurse felt it was time to send James back.

James was told to move only in the moonlight, as the moon will protect him on the journey. James was faithful, and crossed the borders at Moonstrike Keep, announcing himself to be James Enlien and he had come for his inheritance. When he arrived in Braeme, he found that his father's house had been abandoned and that most of his things were gone. Finding that there was nothing left, James then went to the Church of the Celestial Spell and said that he had nothing to do but become a churchman.

In the eight years since, James has excelled at being a preacher of the word of Ruornil. Becoming a priest of the First Spell, James had been sent into Arenwe to find converts to the faith. After preaching the word of Ruornil in Arenwe and finding no converts except one -- a store keeper -- James returned to Medoere feeling that he had done nothing right on for his evangelism. However, his adventures as a missionary priest had brought him into contact with danger many times.

In Arenwe, he had to defeat a band of gnolls that was in the Eriebannien with the help of two swordsmen. In Roesone, he got to stop a brawl. And in Calrie, he was there, helping the Queen of Arenwe's troops repel an Oserdian incursion. That, and many other minor adventures helped James grow in the faith of Ruornil.

When he returned to Braeme, he came back weary of his adventures. However, at the time, the Temple of the First Spell had lost it's former patriarch, so James was fortunately in the right place at the right time. He was promoted to Prelate and given responsibility to oversee the Temple of the First Spell on Lake Adele. He met Suris Enlien soon after, and it was love at first sight. Well, on her part at least. James, however, is flattered by her attentions and her frequent visits to the Temple of the First Spell. However, he is diligently managing the affairs of the temple, despite Suris Enlien's attention.

Somehow, she helps him find time to walk along the shores of the lake. From a distance, though, people believe that he is Ruornil, giving Suris a new revelation.


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