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Arms of IsaelieArms of Isaelie

Female Elf Wizard 13; CR:13
Emerald Queen of The Sielwode
Lineage of Royalty
Major Bloodline of Vorynn, 42
N Medium Humanoid

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Typical Dialogue:
The Emerald Queen has ruled the The Sielwode for over a hundred years. She watches over the Faerie Court from the Crystal Palace at the center of her forest realm. Though she feels no malice toward humans and their kingdoms, she knows that she must protect her realm and punish human incursions harshly, lest humans begin to believe they can trespass on her lands at will.

Despite her efforts to keep her kingdom intact, Isaelie believes that human encroachment is inevitable. Standing at what she feels is a crux, Isaelie is torn between her desire to preserve the history of her people and a willingness to confront and even embrace the future. She can be savage at times, unwilling to accept humans' capacity for destruction and ordering every human settlement within 100 miles to be razed. Other times, she can be entranced by the beauty and energy of the human race, and her fascination has led to liasons with beautiful human men. From these affairs, Isaelie has borne several half-elven children. At some point, Isaelie will have to confront the tides of human expansion and take a stand for her people or urge them to embrace and cooperate with humans. Only the time will tell what the outcome will be.

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