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This page describes the Anuirean throne and its symbolism.

You might be looking for the Birthright novel, The Iron Throne by Simon Hawke.

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The Iron Throne is the name given to the seat of the emperor of Anuire. The actual throne itself is an imposing throne covered in rich fabrics, gilding and gemstones. Since the death of Michael Roele no-one has been recognized Emperor of Anuire and so polite fiction is that no-one has sat upon the Iron Throne. In practice several people have claimed the title of Emperor and sat in the Iron Throne until displaced by their enemies and the actual original throne has been restored to the point that little of the seat sat upon by Michael Roele (let alone Roele himself) remains.
The Imperial Chamberlain Caliedhe Dosiere technically has, under ancient Anuirean law, the right to sit on the Iron Throne and set judgment over the various Dukes in the absence of an Emperor. This law was originally put in place to ensure smooth and swift transference of power between emperors - the chamberlain acted as the personification of the Empire and in a ceremony (generally long, filled with pomp and rigged from the outset) choose the new emperor from the dukes and other worthies present. In practice the various chamberlains down the ages have made a conspicuous point of having a smaller seat set before the Iron Throne in which to sit rather than presume to set themselves above the dukes in such a manner.
In conversation the Iron Throne is typically used as shorthand for the Anuirean Empire itself - Darien Avan would talk of 'winning the Iron Throne' rather than becoming emperor. This is because winning the Iron Throne strictly means being chosen by the people of Anuire as Emperor, whereas other descriptions tend to be more presumptuous. Gavin Tael is however notorious for talk of 'becoming Emperor' and the verbal distinction tends to reflect social class rather than anything else.

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