Introduction Drocandragh

Few places in all the world match the splendor and the grandeur of the Dricandragh, a Majestic region of forested mountains and high, still lakes in the eastern half of Khinasi lands. Some travelers have compared it to the lush Erebannien or the sylvan Sielwode, but the Docandragh spans much more territory than either of these Anuirean forests.

The Masetian settled the coastlines of this region more than 2.000 years ago, leaving the inland areas to the elven people. The Basarij inherited the Masetian domains after the destruction of that ancient people, but for hundred of years the nomads expanded into the heart of the Drocandragh very slowly. Even today vast stretches of woodlands remain untouched by the hand of man.

The Khinasi realms of the Drocandragh center around the powerful walled cities of the coast. Settlement in the interior remains scarce, although logging and mining camps today push ever deeper into the Wilderness.

Bands of elves still wander their ancestral lands, now part of Min Dhousai and Khourane. In fact many foresters and trappers disappear in the Drocandragh every year, rumored elven victims.

The pristine character of the Drocandragh ensure a powerful supply of magic to any wizard skilled enough to tap it, and most cities of this region are ruled by true mages. Regents here often resolve conflicts between realms with enchantments instead of swords, as the rugged terrain makes it diffucult for armies to reach their enemies.

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