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©1996-2007 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Imperial Cairn, I1.

The centre of the Imperial city is the Imperial Cairn. Here can be found the Imperial Palace with its golden domes that can be seen throughout the City and far shores. Here also are the Chamberlain's Tower, the Imperial Senate, both the Imperial Legion and Imperial Guard headquarters, the Imperial treasury, and the Royal Heraldic Academy. The Imperial Cairn is unique in many ways, but least of these are that it has its own series of walls completely surrounding it. The Cairn can only be reached via the Causeway from Gatehouse Island.

In warm summer weather, diplomats and courtiers often are seen lounging on special gondolas in the water surrounding the Imperial Cairn. It is a matter of social standing to be seen in such a gondola since there are a limited few available, and only the best-connected people have access to them. It goes without stating that the Avan, Boeruine, Diem and Dosiere families all have their own gondola for such occasions.


Bayview is the most expensive and highest-class section of the Imperial City. Diplomats, nobles and the extremely wealthy merchants live here. Many estates are large simply to show off the wealth of the owners. If the section of each island isn't devoted to a square or road, then it has been claimed for a home to one wealthy individual or another. This is the region of the city where power resides and deals are made.

Sagestead, B1

The University of Anuire can be found on this island, providing its name. It also houses students, but primarily supports the University. Collectors will find bookstores of almost every topic here, as well as other suppliers of items needed by the University. Homes of lesser nobles and some wealthy merchants are also found here.

Haelyn's Glory, B2

Haelyn's Glory is home to the Cathedral of Haelyn, where coronations of Emperors took place. The vast structure with its associated monastery and abbey is now partly deserted, but still is quite often used. It is not uncommon to see unsavoury characters slide into darker recesses and vanish in the long abandoned halls.

Artisans' Bastion, B3

The Imperial Theatre sits within the Artisans' Bastion, putting on various plays, musicals and dramas throughout the year. Aspiring actors and actresses can be seen along the road daily, putting on small shows, hoping to gain attention. A shrine to Laerme is also found here, devoted to the goddess's artistic aspects.

The Royal Park, B4

This island serves just two functions: as home to the Chamberlain's Park; and as the elven enclave. The park takes up the whole island, except for the roads passing through it, which are walled off from the park. The park itself contains various gardens, and has plants blooming throughout the year. The few elves, including the Ambassador of Tuarhievel, that live in the Imperial City make the park their home in return for maintaining it. Humans are permitted during the day, but are forbidden after dark. Great woe befalls any who defile the park at any time, as the elves are severe guardians.

Wizard's Island, B5

The Wizard's Island is the location of the Royal College of Sorcery. The smoking ruins of the original college take up a portion of the island, while the current college holds precedence over the rest. Magical wards and traps are everywhere to prevent theft from the College, making this island the safest place to live away from the Imperial Cairn. Merchants and nobles wanting such security pay highly to own homes here, and must also pay a yearly maintenance fee to the College.

Bayview Island, B6

The Bayview Island is purely residential. Most inhabitants are wealthy, but not wealthy enough to live on Deismaar's Foot or Wizard's Island. The homes here are generally narrow but deep, and three to four floors high. Communal flower gardens lie hidden behind the façade of buildings, serving the owners surrounding them. Music can often be heard wafting through the air at night during fine weather.

Deismaar's Foot, B7

The name "Deismaar's Foot" is due to this being the island closest to where Mount Deismaar once stood. It is one of the few rocky islands, providing excellent foundations for the massive estates found here. Of note is the Udaleos family estate, supporters of Prince Avan who moved here shortly before the death of Michael Roele. At the fall of Empire, they were uniquely positioned to purchase land around their home due to the fact they had liquidated their vast holdings in Avanil just a few years before. This allowed the family to acquire a vast stretch of land, now a grassy lawn, along the shoreline facing Kier's Rock, making their estate the largest in the City. The family has also become owners of various residential buildings throughout the City, making them one of the most important landlords. This importance has made them frequent guests of Chamberlains over the centuries, with which they have created many strong friendships.

Kier's Rock, B8

Kier's Rock is a small island entirely owned by the Avan family. It serves as their private residence when visiting the Imperial City. It can only be reached by water, and is constantly patrolled by a number of small boats brimming with archers. The shoreline itself is patrolled by men and dogs both. Although the Prince does not visit here often, other members of the family use it frequently. Balls and other events are take place here throughout the year. Attendees are by invitation only, departing from a special dock on the Udaleos estate built just to bring people to such events.


Midbay is home to mostly middle-class citizens and guildhalls. All of the islands are smaller, creating nice neighbourhoods. It is common for residents to greet each other on their home island, as most people who live on each are known by the rest. These islands are close to the Imperial Cairn, and the people living here often have visions of grandeur of their relative importance in matters. Many can be found involved in some business or political plan, hoping to become richer and more powerful so they can move to Bayview.

Longmarket Island, M1

This island is named for the large market that runs parallel to the Imperial Causeway along the length of the island. High quality and expensive goods can be purchased here. The few homes generally serve as warehouses and stores as well.

Midbay Island, M2

Midbay Island is almost entirely a giant plaza filled with statues and monuments to the Imperial Past. The Causeway passes under the Arch of the Empire, built to commemorate the Anuirean conquest of Brechtur. The few residents here take great pride in the monuments and statues, watching closely for any vandals and rogues. The remaining space is filled with merchants selling souvenirs of the Imperial City to tourists. The Temple of Sarimie is also found here, serving the merchants of the City. Merchants flock to the Temple services to gain the goddess's good graces.

The Maesil Span, the largest and highest bridge in the Imperial City, passes from Midbay Island to the Imperial Gatehouse. The central span of the bridge rises at least 12 meters above sea level. The entire structure, except the insides of the arches, is covered with marble blocks, all of which have been carved to depict various scenes from the history of the now lost Empire. At the midpoint between each arch rises a statue of an Emperor or Empress, eight on each side for sixteen total in number. Each is a masterpiece, studied by artists from across Cerelia as examples of fine statuary.

The Maesil Span is a favourite location for couples, old and young alike, to walk in the late evening when the heat of the day has passed. On clear evenings, the bridge is very busy with pedestrians enjoying the unparalleled views of the city and sunsets over the Arnienbae. Both nobles and peasants enjoy the views from the central arch across the bay and Imperial Cairn. It is not uncommon to witness a wedding or Naming ceremony on the bridge, and passer-bys will often toss coins over the bridge to bring good fortune to the new couple or child. Not only is the bridge itself a popular spot to view the city from, but private gondolas and boats anchor to the east of the bridge in the evening to watch the sun set through the magnificent arches.

In ages past, when the Emperor or Empress would make an announcement to the people of the city, the central span sometimes served as a podium, allowing him or her to call out the declaration to the throng amassed below in boats and barges. Today, the Maesil Span draws visitors from across Cerelia and even from Aduria who stand where Emperors once stood.

The Imperial Gatehouse, M3

The Imperial Gatehouse is practically a fortress unto itself, consisting entirely of a large gatehouse and barracks. The Causeway passes through the gatehouse, which has numerous portcullises, murder holes and oil pots ready to hinder any foe. Anyone passing through to the Imperial Cairn will be stopped, and on some occasions searched. Most of the Imperial Guard is housed here.

The Heights, M4

The Heights is no more than a high outcrop of rock, providing it with its name. Due to the steep rock sides, this island was settled quite late compared to the rest of the city. Now it is home to many wealthy merchants who ply their trade and fortunes on Longmarket Island. It is rumoured that most homes have a secret tunnel dug through the rock to the shoreline where they can load or unload contraband cargo on the darkest nights. The merchants living make sure the authorities are well paid to ensure security as well as silence.

The Button, M5

Primarily a crossroads to other islands, a number of gondola companies make the Button their centres of operation. The shallow waters around the island are almost always full of empty gondolas waiting for their masters.

Swallow Island, M6

The Swallow Island was built up by early settlers to prevent it from flooding. The wood walls eventually rotted away, leaving steep dirt cliffs that became popular roosting places for swallows. Today, thousands of burrows can be seen dug into the sides of the island, providing housing for the birds. Watching the birds swoop around so easily is a common past time for gondola riders near this island. The island itself contains various small guildhalls.

Eagle's Rest, M7

Eagle's Rest is home to various middle-class residents who work in Bayview as well as the rest of Midbay. The buildings here are often multi-family dwellings of 5 floors. What sets this island apart is the unique architecture and pastel colours of the homes.

Gander's Well, M8

Gander's Well is primarily a residential neighbourhood as well. A few small shops can be found here, but generally there is little to attract non-residents.

Daybreak Shore, M9

Daybreak Shore is home to the guildhall of the Heartland Outfitters, one of the newer but more powerful guilds in the Imperial City. It is the centre of Guilder Kalien's efforts to expand in the Imperial City, and many merchants and guildsmen can be seen entering and leaving the guildhall.
This island also serves as home to the temple of Avanalae. Members of the faith from throughout the City come here for services. A number of Khinasi residents can be found living on this island due to the presence of the temple.

Madman's Isle, M10

Madman's Isle obtained its name long ago when an exceptionally eccentric artist made it his home. The island is one of the lowest in the City, and floods quite often, giving rise to a warren of half rotted buildings built upon those that have previously collapsed. Among the ruins and buildings are many secret rooms, known only to those who wish to keep them secret. Patrols rarely come here, and crime is rampant. Only those too poor to live elsewhere call this isle home.

Scholars' Roost, M11

The Scholars' Roost is primarily devoted to homes of merchants and minor nobles. Its proximity to Wizard's Island also makes it ideal for students and professors from the Royal College of Sorcery who wish to find cheaper living arrangements. However, the island is also home to the University of the Empress Laurie.

Empress Laurie devoted her life to social skills, and teaching other daughters of nobles the finer arts. She eventually founded the university with the mission of providing noble daughters the training they needed to become skilled wives. Students are taught diplomacy, sewing, how to run a household, art, music, dancing, history and languages, to name just a few. Graduates of the University are considered highly prized as wives.

Embassy Isle, M12

The Embassy Isle is entirely devoted to the consulates of foreign realms. The Rjurik realms of Jankaping, Halskapa and Stjordvik have embassies here, as do the Brecht realms of Danigau and Müden. The Khinasi realms of Khourane, Mesire, Min Dhousai, Suirene and Zikala also have embassies here. The dwarves of Baruk Azhik also maintain an embassy here. However, the largest, oldest and most elegant embassy, though, is that of Ariya. It has stood here since the reign of Emperor Caercuillen. The embassy was built with Imperial funds to honour El Arrasi, the former captor but good friend of the Emperor.


This section of the city is composed of the islands that border the protected deep-water harbour on the Avanese side of the river. Harbourside consists mostly of wharves, warehouses, the Harbour Market, and sailors inns and taverns. Houses of those who work in the harbour and inns are scattered throughout, as are the homes of unsavoury people who prey on the sailors' trade.

Harbour's End, H1

The Harbour's End is a smaller island that generally consists of homes to poor sailors and dockworkers. Most of the homes are run down and in disrepair. Patrols are rare on this island, and a certain type of street justice has taken hold. Anyone caught stealing often loses a hand, or even more, to those who were wronged. Bodies are often found floating in the waters near this island.

Shippers' Hall, H2

The Shipper's Hall is mostly home to guilds that rely upon the ocean trade for survival. Offices and guildhalls are found along every street. Anyone wishing to hire a vessel usually comes to this island, as many a cargo hold can be purchased here. The few residents of this island are employees of the guilds.

Sailors' Market, H3

As the name suggests, this island consists mostly of a giant market, known as the Harbour Market. A riot of goods from all over Anuire, and even from Aduria and beyond, can be found here. Whatever common goods have come in on the last ship often are sold here, making it a favourite location among the lower and middle classes of the Imperial City. On any given day a buyer can find fine cloth, unusual fruits, strange animals and foreigners mixed in with pots, pan, ropes, tar, and crates upon crates of goods. Beware of pickpockets, though, as they frequent the crowd.

Longwharf, H4

The Longwharf is where goods are stored from offloading or for loading ships in the harbour. The warehouses even extend over the bay on stilts to provide enough room for all the goods shipping in and out of the city. The warehouses have been built close together, creating a maze of narrow alleys, many of which dead-end unexpectedly. Between the alleys and the hidden spaces under the stilted warehouses, a myriad of criminal activities take place here. For those who don't ask questions, have the right amount of gold and sufficient security, anything can be found here.

Sailors' Meet, H5

The row houses of Sailor's Meet serve as homes to sailors when they are home, to prostitutes who serve the sailors, and to people who run the warehouses of nearby Longwharf. Due to the rowdy nature of most sailors when they return from a long voyage, this section of town is somewhat dangerous at night. During the day Imperial Legion patrols pass through regularly, but after dark the only security is in numbers. Gangs of drunken sailors often create huge fights, and a number of inns and taverns hire large guards to keep the peace within.
Near to the shore, though, this all changes, as this is where ship captains have their homes as well. Most of these homes overlook the bay, ignoring the riffraff on the interior of the island. A well-kept road rings the island, providing access to these fine homes so that the rich can avoid the other troublesome residents.

Silk Island, H6

Silk Island earned its name because it is home to the Khinasi Quarter. This section of the city, found along the northwest part of the island, is walled in by homes of its residents. Only two entrances are available, and Khinasi warriors guard both of these. When the Khinasi first moved here, they were the only source of silk throughout the city. Now trade routes bring in silk from Khinasi, Aduria and the Dragon Islands, but the local silk is still renowned.

The rest of the island is given over to guilds that distribute goods from the shipping concerns.

Nesirie's Watch, H7

The island of Nesirie's Watch is home to the largest shrine of Nesirie in the Imperial City. Because Nesirie is the patron goddess of the sea, every sailor visits here shortly before each voyage. Many captains have given gifts to the shrine over the years to ensure a safe journey, making it quite wealthy. The few priests and priestesses who live here pay the Imperial Legion to maintain security, making this island one of the safest in all Harbourside. Aside from the shrine, the island is filled with upscale warehouses where more important and valuable goods are stored.

Fishers' Harbour

This shallow harbour, facing the Diemed shore, will allow coasters to dock, but not larger ships, making this the home port for the fishermen who ply the Arnienbae for their livelihood. It is generally home to middle class citizens who mind their own business and work hard for their livelihood.
Doersdock, F1

Doersdock is the primary island for lower class fishermen who barely survive on their trade. It is also where various smugglers bringing in goods from Diemed are based. The beggars and poor folk of this island have all been bribed to work for one gang or another, and it is frequent for people to go missing. Riots sometimes break out as well, destroying a few homes, and incidentally properties of rival gang leaders. Every year the spring floods wash away a few homes, but they are quickly (and cheaply) replaced.

Fishmarket, F2

This island is home to the large fish market that serves the Imperial City. As fish makes up a large staple food here, this market is busy every day of the year. This business ensures a regular patrol of the Imperial Legion.

A multitude of merchants hawk their goods here, each swearing to have the freshest fish in all Anuire, caught just the second before the buyer arrived. While every merchant is a liar, the fish selection is good.
Isle of Sails, F3

The richer fishermen, and the owners of fishing fleets, make the Isle of Sails their home. It obtained its name because the owners often anchor their boast around this island rather than risk keeping them overnight at the docks of Doersdock. Smaller boats can be hired or bought here, for the right price, as captains are always having newer ships built for fishing.


Mostly lower middle class today, Riversmouth includes some of the earliest inhabited islands of the Imperial City, dating back before the Battle of Deismaar. Good but cheap housing can be found here for those who want to live on the islands instead of the shores. While few of the islands can be called totally safe, only one of them is considered dangerous.

The Old Quarter, R1

The Old Quarter serves as a large warehouse for excess goods from Harbourside as well as the Avanil Shore. Most of these warehouses, though, are spread far apart, providing for easy patrols and increased security. In addition, the Imperial Causeway traverses the island, making a great deal of traffic that keeps away unsavoury people.

Bairn Island, R2

Bairn Island is the poorest island in Riversmouth, and it is easy to see that fact. This island is periodically flooded, causing the ground floors of most buildings to be abandoned due to flood damage. The upper floors, though, remain occupied. With so many abandoned and boarded up rooms, crime has managed to flourish here. The Imperial Legion only comes here under great political pressure.

Interesting enough, though, the Halfling Enclave is also found on Bairn Island. The small folk have created their own miniature city here, the buildings sized to fit their people. They have even created miniature versions of famous buildings throughout the rest of the city, making their Enclave somewhat of a tourist attraction. Tourists beware, though, for few will escape with their purses intact.

Star Island, R3

The Star Island is the smallest island in Riversmouth. It was originally shaped like a star, but over the centuries the shallows have been filled in and built over. The Causeway passes through the island, bringing a great deal of traffic back and forth. This traffic has caused a large number of merchants to set up shops here, hoping that passers-by will make a purchase.

Market Island, R4

The Market Island is home to the Diemed Ferry. The Ferry was built during the reign of Emperor Alandalae in 764 HC, at the decree of the Emperor. Though built and run originally by the guilds of the City, Emperor Alandalae decreed that size of the ferry must be sufficient to carry a full unit of the Imperial Legion if necessary, and his ruling remains in the City's bylaws until this day. The ferry itself is a large, flat-bottomed barge. It is open-topped, but canvas canopies can be erected during inclement weather. During hot summer days the canopy on the south side is typically erected to offer some much-needed shade. On either side of the ferry are large steel rings, to which heavy chains connect. The chains stretch out to either shore where they are spooled onto large wheels housed in wheelhouses at the landings on either side. This allows the ferry to cross the deep waters of the river where poles will not reach without employing numerous hard-working rowers who must be either slaves, prisoners, or highly paid workers.

This island is also home to the Diemmarket, the primary market for goods brought into the City from Diemed. Merchants line the Diemmarket selling goods, especially grains, farm animals and other household items. As often as not, the patrols seen here will wear the colours of Diemed, not the Imperial Legion.

The Great Park, R5

This island is home to the largest but second most important park in the Imperial city. This park was designed for the normal citizen to enjoy, and less money was spent on it. However, for many residents, it is the only open area they will ever visit. The park is filled with flowering shrubs and trees, and volunteers maintain the lawns. No rare or special plants can be found here, but every day brings visitors who enjoy the greenery. A few years ago the park became a haven for miscreants until the Chamberlain stepped and cleared them out. Since then patrols are a regular fixture.

In the centre of the island can be found a shrine to Aeric, the god of woodlands and wilderness. A few druids tend to the garden, but mostly despair at the artificial land they must maintain.

Isle of Swords, R6

The Isle of Swords gets its name from the great number of weapon smiths found here. Other manufacturers of steel items are also found here, but the weapons are the best known. Various small to mid-sized guilds operate here, each making their own specialty weapons. Masterwork items can be purchased here at 90% of regular cost due to the volume made, and regular weapons are half price. However, anyone attempting to buy a great deal of weapons and ship them away will suddenly find their supply vanishing - the guilds all work together to make sure the profits stay with themselves.


The Maesilien is the poorest section of the city, being up river where the prevailing winds off the Arnienbae waft the stench of the city. Some of the smellier industries are located here, such as tanners, meat renderers, and the like. The islands furthest removed are no-mans' lands, where only heavily armed persons or the poorest souls wander the streets. Crime runs rampant, and even the Chamberlain despairs at ever correcting the situation.

Avanbridge, S1

The Avanbridge is the safest of Maesilien, although that term is relative. The seediest merchants make this island their home, preying on young and inexperienced people visiting the Imperial City for the first time. The island obtained its name because the only bridge to the Avanil Shore comes here, and the Imperial Causeway passes through towards the Imperial Cairn. Anyone walking across the Causeway who does not appear to be local will be accosted by a number of sleazy merchants hoping to fleece the newcomer. Even locals had better beware, for these merchants have silver tongues. Merchants always have a ready excuse if the authorities accost them, but this happens rarely.

The Crossroads, S2

This small island is called the Crossroads because four major bridges tie it to other Maesilien islands. Numerous smaller bridges make the same connections, but they are underwater at high tide, and often shake violently when used at low tide. The island contains homes haphazardly built, giving rise to narrow, winding alleys. A single gang rules this island, giving it slightly better security than others in the area, provided the proper payments are made.

Moergan's Beach, S3

There is little on the island of Moergan's Beach to appeal to a visitor, or even to a local. Only people unable to live elsewhere make this island their home. Fights often break out in streets during broad daylight, and the law only reaches as far as one's own sword. Connections can be made here, for the right price, and the information bought may even be correct. This is a major recruiting area for the crime syndicates of the City.

Riverdock, S4

Riverdock is the major dockyard for ships sailing down the river from Endier, Alamie and beyond. However, only poor captains and those unwilling to pay the docking prices of Harbourside make port here. Nonetheless, a good deal of traffic and trade comes through here. To maintain the peace and ensure it collects its due taxes, the city has built a number of small guardhouses near the docks. At dusk, though, these offices close up and the patrols quickly leave to the safer sections of the city. Anyone wishing to dock at night may do so freely, so long as they are gone before the tax collectors arrive in the morning along with their guards.

Traitor's Rock, S5

It is said that Traitor's Rock was once the home to a rich merchant who nearly controlled the trade upriver along the Maesil. He eventually used his monopoly position to stop the shipment of grain from Mhoried and Alamie so that his own warehouses of grain would rocket in value. The Emperor immediately branded the merchant a traitor, and sent in the Imperial Legion to capture the vagabond and bring him to justice. Alas, he vanished before the Legion could capture him. Others say the Legionnaires simply killed him to avoid trial and show the punishment due to traitors. Whether the story is true or not, the name has survived.

Today the homes on this island are decrepit. Many lean in over the roads, creating a permanent gloom at street level. Gangs battle among the allies, and no goodly soul lives here, only those too poor to escape.

Dagger Isle, S6

Dagger Isle received its name due to its rocky shoreline. Many a ship has been crushed against the rocks in the unusual and strong currents here. Away from the shore, the buildings are almost identical to Traitor's Rock. Crime runs rampant, and the Imperial Legion was last seen here during the time of Emperor Hadrian.

On the southeast shore of the Island can be found one location of note: the Prodigal Burning Lantern Mission, a small decrepit building. It was originally built some 25 years ago as a small monastery for the monks of Nesirie. The building remained in use for nearly ten years, but was eventually abandoned as the area slowly gave way to a rising peasantry class, and a rapidly deteriorating neighbourhood. Seven years ago, a man named Daeraene Maeryll came upon the ruins of the one time monastery, and after some minor repairs, he opened the doors of (quite possibly) the worst inn and brothel in the entire city. After having a stroke of genius, Daeraene began placing torches outside his establishment to draw visitors. After several torches went missing in the night, Daeraene forged a large iron sconce from the remains of the bell clapper, and attached it to the bell chain in the tower. Thus, the torches began burning high above the street, and a single flame burned every night in the ruins of the bell tower. However, instead of customers, the poorest of the poor flocked to his inn, begging shelter for the night and protection from the cold rains. Daeraene soon convinced the Church of Nesirie to pay him to support the orphans. However, he also began providing alibis to the thieves and pickpockets who slept there in return for a small cut and labour. Now Daeraene serves as a major fence of goods throughout Maesilien, and is known especially for his specialty services.

Smugglers' Point, S7

The Isle of Smugglers' Point was once home to the Northpoint Fortress, the northern point of protection to the Imperial City. However, the fortress was abandoned during the fall of Empire, and has crumbled into ruins now. The hidden and partly collapsed rooms of the fortress are now home to various smugglers bringing in contraband to the Imperial City.

The Volozchev Guildhall makes its secret home here. A guild of pirate Vos, it has slowly but surely made its presence known within the City. The guild uses the crumbling Northern Docks to ship goods in and out of the Imperial City, and have quickly become the premier smugglers in the area. They maintain their own security force of Vos berserkers, which is required considering the anarchy found across the island.

Avanil Shore

The Avanil Shore is the largest and most densely populated section of the Imperial City. Various neighbourhoods make up the Avanil shore, ranging from poor along the dockyards to moderately rich nearer the outer walls. Almost a city unto itself, some residents of the Imperial City never leave this area, not even to travel outside the City walls or onto the islands.

Prince Avan's supporters mostly live in this section of the Imperial City, as is to be expected. More than one Prince has tried on occasion to annex this region into the Principality proper. Through careful negotiations and political activities, though, the Chamberlain has always prevented this from happening.

Although some neighbourhoods here are quite nice, they consist almost entirely of minor nobles and rich merchants trying to improve their lots in life. While some may claim to be happy here, it is widely known that the real action takes place on the islands, and so the influential families of the Avanil Shore are constantly trying to gain enough wealth, prestige or power to obtain an island estate. Some succeed, but most fail and are forced to leave the Imperial City all together after few generations. The intrigue in this section runs as rampant as the crime in Maesilien.

Of special note, the Avanil Shore is home to the Dwarven Enclave. Most of the dwarven families settled here to ply their trade in weapon and armour smithing. Even standard weapons are considered masterwork, and cost an additional 25%. Purchasing a dwarven masterwork item costs double normal masterwork costs, but they are perfect in balance and beautiful to behold.

Additionally, the Avanil Shore is home to the Imperial Shipyards. The shipyards are capable of building galleons and caravels, but are primarily constructing smaller craft. A permit signed by both the Chamberlain and the local representative of Prince Avan is required to have a ship built for personal use.

Because of the presence of the Imperial Shipyard, the Avanil Shore also has a large barracks of the Imperial Legion. The Legion forces here patrol the streets alongside the Avanese patrols. In many cases, the Legion commanders wait for an Avanese patrol to arrive before making any formal arrests.

Finally, the Avanil Shore is home to the Temple of Cuiraécen. Teaching a particularly militant theology, the temple brings in worshippers from the Imperial Legion, the Avanese patrols, as well as members of the Imperial Navy. Few residents attend the services, but various private security guards and fighters are often seen.

Diemed Shore

The Diemed Shore is considered to be the most sedate and boring section of the Imperial City. The air of Diemed must affect the residents here, for they lead quiet, orderly lives. The streets are wide, the buildings spread out, and small parks abound. The Diemed patrols rarely face any problems, and crime is very low. Crime is likely kept to a minimum because so few people actually live here. Perhaps because Diemed surrounds it, the few residents live and act like the citizens of that Duchy, which is not attractive to outsiders.

Only two points are of interest on the Diemed Shore. The first is the terminus of the Diemed Ferry. Goods from throughout Diemed are shipped via the Ferry into the City, providing it with a great deal of food and goods. From the founding of the Empire, the Duchy of Diemed has been required to guarantee a steady supply of goods to the City to prevent famine. Even when the Dukes and the Chamberlains have been at sword point, the goods have flowed. No Duke of Diemed can ever be said to shirk his duty to the Imperial City.

Near to the Ferry is a large Imperial Legion Barracks. As on the Avanil Shore, the Legionnaires here patrol along side Diemed forces. A posting to this barracks is considered boring, but highly sought after by Legionnaires.

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