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The former eorl of Namverg, Huljim Namvik, called the Ironhanded, came to power during the reign of Queen Ljorrah, but came to regard her throne with emnity. When Fulgar the Bloodhanded came to power in Rjuvik, eorl Huljim pressed for war with Fulgar to restore the deposed crown, but Ljorrah could not be moved to raise the sword. Huljim believed Fulgar would raid his province, and in this he was correct, but instead of cooperating with the crown to repell raiders, the eorl attempted to raise his own defenders with burdonsum taxes. During several hard years of weak harvest, Huljim refused to relax his tax and when peasants attacked his tax collectors and a few collection houses, the Ironhanded responded with violence to put down the disturbance. He then allowed the guilds a free hand to exploit the land as long as they rewarded him with a share of the additional profits. The nomadic tribe of Loddi took offence to the abuse of the gifts of Erik and began to create trouble for eorl Huljim. The old eorl attempted to suppress the Loddi by force, but that brought the whole province to rebellion. Huljim took refuge in his fortified town of Namvik, but the townspeople hated him as much as the peasants and tribesmen. A small band of citizens crept into his manor and killed the old eorl.
When Varri ascended the throne, Huljim joined the eorls Olfjor and Guthrim to keep the crown weak and quiet.

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