House of Roslöw-Ulfer

From two, one.

House Roslöw-Ulfer is an ancient noble house from the Vos realm of Rzhlev. The house ruled the realm who was then known by its Brecht name of Roslöwen.

The house was founded on the battlefield: Richard Roslöw was the leader of a military company wanting to conquer a realm recently usurped by Alisse Ulfer to his evil necromancer uncle, Count Harold Ulfer. They met in the plains now know as Steppegrad around 980 HC.

What happens next is something between legend and history. It seems that Sera herself, tired of the turmoil that tormented the Brechtür, saw no gain in having two of her own people fight each other. She asked Laerme to ignite passion in the two leaders, and when they saw each other in the middle of the battlefield, during the diplomatic exchange before the battle, they immediately and hopelessly fell in love with each other. More disillusioned scholars say that they just decided that was a better course of action rather than more years of war, but there are a lot of hints that what happened could have been a miracle for real.

[top]The Brörzákon

The law of the brothers or Brörzákon (/brœr̝aːkon/), determined that only brothers (in the extended sense) may rule Roslöw. Succession was determined by the brother's blood bond:
  1. First, twin brother and sister;
  2. Twin brothers or twin sisters;
  3. Brother and sister;
  4. Brothers or sisters;
  5. Any combination of half-brothers/sisters;
  6. Cousins.

This unfortunately will not spare the line from succession wars, intrigues and usurpations.

[top]Known Members

note: asterisk marks the parent of the next rulers as indicated by the Brörzákon
  • Richard Roslöw and Alisse Ulfer, ruled up to 1001 HC;
    • Twins Edsel* and Averil Roslöw-Ulfer, up to 1050 HC;
    • Twins Elma and Helga* Roslöw-Ulfer, up to 1080 HC;
    • Brothers Luther and Martel Roslöw-Ulfer, up to 1087 HC;
    • Gretchen Roslöw-Ulfer* and her cousin Kurth Ulfer, up to 1100 HC;
    • Twins Bram and Karl* Roslöw-Ulfer, up to 1119 HC;
    • Twins Katherine and Kurth Roslöw-Ulfer, up to 1140 HC.


Since Katherine Roslöw-Ulfer disappeared during the Vos conquest of 1140 HC, nobody knows if she survived or had any heir. Rumour is that the Ayairdan Vierklevven may be led by her ancestor(s). Birgitta Jarlsbane and Markov Evuarr have been suspected to be related by blood to the dynasty.

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