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Status: Recommended for PCs.
The ruling Holy Temple of Nasri permits only Nasri's faith on the island realm of Ghamoura. The temple's priests serve as the realm's government and constabulary, and maintain an inquisition, the Tribunal for the Purity of Doctrine, to maintain discipline among both the laity and the clergy.

[top]Teaching and Doctrine



= Important Figures =
Markhab el-Aldezar, High Priest of the Holy Temple of Nasri
Muerrezin Laila bint Cidro el-Shaula leads the temple inquisitors and is a harsh formidable woman. The priestess has raised the practice of witch hunting to an art; her hand-picked guards of temple soldiers and priests roam the island in search of magicians and wizards.
Ketifa min Tomad is a paladin of Nasri and popular among the people. She has been outspoken about the Temple's treatment of the people of Ghamoura and of its High Priest who she felt was squandering their tax money. This of course has almost landed her in prison in many times but the Inquisitors fear her battle strength and the effect it would have on the people for imprisoning a paladin of Nasri.

[top]Major Centers of Worship

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[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Holy Temple of Nasri
Alcamar (5/1)HTN (5)HTN (4)LPM (3)-
MCS (2)
Cape Alceis (3/6)HTN (3)HTN (2)LPM (2)-
el-Denebi (3/2)HTN (3)HTN (2)MCS (2)-
LPM (2)
el-Feyín (1/8)HTN (1)HTN (1)LPM (0)-
Izédas (1/8)HTN (1)HTN (1)LPM (1)-
Ras Beiber (2/7)HTN (2)HTN (2)LPM (2)-
Tomad (2/7)HTN (2)HTN (2)LPM (1)-
Abbreviations: HTN= Holy Temple of Nasri (Markhab el-Aldezar); LPM=League of Pious Merchants (Talín bin Shantil); MCS=Merchant Consortium of Suiriene (Sarand Fasir).

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