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Hoarfrost is an awnshegh said to inhabit northern Vosgaard. Hoarfrost has powers over ice, froze near anything he touched, and leaves a trail of icy footprint even in the short Vos summer.
Blood abilities: Bloodform, Regeneration, Major Regeneration, Wither Touch
Special abilities: Resistance to Cold, Chill Touch, Water Walking, Ice Shape, Shards of Ice
Ice Shape: Hoarfrost can manipulate the shape of the ice around him in a similar way to the druid spell Stone Shape.
Shards of Ice: Like the druid spell (can't remember, one about pine needles), this supernatural action enables Hoarfrost to shed shards of ice from his body once a day. These shards can either drop down or be sprayed out in a 30 foot sphere. Any within the sphere will be damaged. Afterwards, Hoarfrost is weaker and will have a -2 penalty to its AC until he rests.
Hoarfrost is rarely seen except in the winter. He is normally seen as a shambling humanoid covered in snow and ice. However, when pressed he can move quite quickly. He does seem to have facial features and a beard, but rarely does anyone get close enough to see that this is just an illusion made by the snow and ice.
He is particularly vulnerable to fire-based spells and weaponry, taking twice the normal damage. However, his regeneration abilities enable him to heal himself by being within sight of any watercourse or plant life.

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