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Cloth, spices, foodstuffs, tools and clothing
Timber, fish and pelts
GB Income:
8.7 GB
RP Income:
12 RP
GB 6/6.4 (2E/3E) (Army 5/2.9 GB; Fortifications 1/1.5 GB; Court 1 GB; Ports and Shipyards 0 GB)
3 GB
10 RP
Kopingdal ( 1 )


Status: Recommended
The settlement at Kopingdal is the only truly populated region of this forested realm so far from the homelands of the Rjurik people. Founded only recently, Hjolvar has yet to grow into a truly modern Rjurik state.

[top]Life and Society

The Hjolvarans are among the toughest and most resourceful of the Rjurik Scouts, sailors, fisherfolk, hunters, and explorers have all come here seeking new lives and adventure. None of the current settlers are nomads, however,
for such individuals prefer to remain in their ancestral lands. If and when Hjolvar becomes a nation, it will be a place where the old ways are rare or unknown.

[top]The Land


Belik is


Djurik is





Kopingdal is the capital province of Hjolvar and i's the only civilized, mostly light, realm's province. It hosts the capital city of Kopingdal.

[top]Svinoy Island

Svinoy Island is a small, forested isle claimed by Hjolvar.




Rjurik mariners searching for the freedom to explore, hunt and live without the trappings of civilization have spread their culture far beyond the Taelshore - to places like Thaele, Hjorig and Hjolvar. The city of Kopingdal at the north end of the Spearmarches was one such settlement. For generations, Rjurik (and some Brecht) traders and fishermen have lived in small settlements in this sheltered bay. Many were refugees fleeing Anuirean domination and looking for a truly Rjurik land. Over time it developed into a prosperous settlment, a stop-over between the Great Bay and the Anuirean Empire. This wealth, as well cash generated by gathering pelts and timber for export (and also raided Brechtur occasionally), making it a continually target for the goblins of Urga-Zai who controlled the surrounding forests and mountains. Despite growing defenses, Kopingdal has been destroyed by the Urga-Zai goblins on numerous occasions, usually the inhabitants would flee to temporary camps on Svinoy Island to return to the mainland the next season.


The clans of Hjolvar have always elected a Jarl from amongst them to be their spokesperson and leader in times of war. About 20 years ago, a charismatic young Jarl, Uldviik, proclaimed himself King of Hjolvar and set about to transform the settlement into a true Rjurik kingdom. The King has encouraged settlement of the surrounding provinces and has begun to set up jarldoms and outposts throughout the realm. He has had great success so far, but many in Kopingdal fear that a major invasion by Urga-Zai could destroy all of that in a single swoop. Pessimists say that the coming of that invasion is only a matter of time.
Most of the jarldoms remain directly controlled by the king. Djurik and Hruthjik have had jarls appointed, but they have only made the first tentative moves to develop their provinces.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

The goblins and their allies of Urga-Zai are the most immediate threat to the sovereignty and freedom of Hjolvar. Seeing the growing power of the humans, King Dargal has begun to make plans for an all-out invasion to exterminate the new threat.

The Gorgon himself, the most powerful of the dreaded awnsheghlien, has taken notice of Hjolvar, though exactly what he will do is not known at this time.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Hjolvar
Belik (0/7)Ul (0)ES (0)
Djurik (1/6)Ul (1)Ul (1)
Freikstaad (0/7)Ul (0)ES (0)
Hruthjik (1/6)Ul (1)ES (1)Gu (1)
Junfjor (0/7)
Kopingdal(4/3)Ul (2)ES (2)Ul (2)
Svinoy Island (1/6)Ul (1)Ul (1)
Dj (0)
Tarlhaas (0/7)
Vaaltrand (0/7)ES (0)
Abbreviations: Ul = Uldviik Varrigsson (Hjolvar); Gu = Guthvar Gunnersson; ES = Emerald Spiral (Gretta Seligsdotter); Dj = Djarik Olafsson

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