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Every page has a link labelled "What links here" (or, more generally, labelled with the text in mediawiki:whatlinkshere).
This backlink facility can be used to see which other pages in the same project contain a link to a given page.


  • not listed are subpages that just have an automatic link to a page
  • not more than 500 pages are listed; if there are more, there is no indication that the list is not complete; only by copying the list to an editor that can count lines and concluding that there are 500 on the list, one can find out that it is likely that there are more; it is recommended to add to the text in MediaWiki:Linkshere, as has been done here on Meta and on the English Wikipedia: "(up to 500 are shown)".

[top]Cases of transclusion

  • in the case of a template, referral to it is treated as link
  • a link from a template is only treated as such, not as link from the pages that show the link because they refer to the template
  • in the case of an image, using it in a page is listed in the third section of the image description page, but not in "What links here" of that page

[top]Other uses

This facility works also for a page that does not exist. The What links here button is also on the edit page on which one arrives when following a broken link.
One can also use a link of the form Whatlinkshere/John Smith, or equivalently (here on Meta)
The feature can also be applied to itself and other special pages, e.g.:


When the link tables in the database are rebuilt, the lists are alphabetically ordered. However, adding a link subsequently causes it to be added to the end, and thus these occur in chronological order.

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