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Voting cheat sheet

Template:help:voting quickref

Most of the time, editing a wiki is just a matter of applying the BOLD, revert, discuss cycle, but sometimes matters need a vote to be resolved, or maybe you're just not sure if applying a major change is right and want to test the waters first. This page describes how to set up a vote in accordance with the BRWiki voting policy.

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This is brief description of how to start votes in BRWiki. For the actual policy govering votes, please see Policy/Voting. The most important bits are however described in the voting templates themselves.

[top]How to start a vote

[top]Creating the voting booth

Edit the  discussion  page of the article:
== Oneliner intro text ==

I would like to .....

This will create a voting booth like below, and automatically add the talk page to Votes_in_progress.

Oneliner intro text

''Use this template in talk pages to draw people's attention to your proposal. Do not use it in article pages; use {{Vote/Note|}} there.

This is a proposal and requires a vote to be accepted or declined.
Please vote below after you have reviewed the proposal.

I would like to .....

It was deemed that this proposal requires a vote.   Please vote below!   If one side outnumbers the other by five votes for three days, that side is declared the winner. Please do not mark this for accepted/declined or remove this message until the voting has met Voting policy requirements.

How to place your vote:
  • Simply click [Edit] in the upper-right hand corner of the Votes section, and type exactly one of the following below the other present votes:

{{vote|Yes|~~~~|your notes or leave empty}}, or
:{{vote|No|~~~~|your notes or leave empty}}
  • Then click Save page and you are done!

Note that some votes will have other options than Yes/No.
You may also want to check up on what is linking to the article!
When one side is winning:
  • If you are adding the winning vote, or notice that one side is in fact winning:
  • : Change {{Vote/Vote}} on this talk page to {{Vote/Closing}}

  • If Yes has won, and 3 days has passed:
    1. Change {{Vote/Closing}} on this talk page to {{Accepted}}
    2. Make the change suggested in the proposal.

  • If No has won, and 3 days has passed:
    1. Change {{Vote/Closing}} on this talk page to {{Declined}}
    2. Do not remove the votes!

If necessary, you may archive votes to Help:Voting/Archivevote.


Using {{Proposal}} is entirely optional. It has no effect other than drawing people's attention to your proposal.

[top]Drawing attention to your vote

First of all, the {{Vote/Vote}} template will automatically place your vote in Votes in progress. However, if you want people visiting the article to immediately take note of the ongoing vote, you can put {{Vote/Note|}} in the article itself:
* Should we......(short text)?

This will result in the following:

Lightbulb icon

There are one or more proposals to change this article on the  discussion  page. Please help us make BRWiki better by giving us your input!
  • Should we......(short text)?

If you do not want to explain the vote in the article, you can of course just use {{Vote/Note|}}.
To draw even more attention to your vote, you can show it in the community portal by adding it to Community Portal/Democracy.

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