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Match-maker of Blackgate

F.Brecht; Expert 6; LN. HP 6d6-6 = 14.

Cha 15, Con 6, Dex 12, Int 15, Str 6, Wis 14. Unblooded.
Quote: Your son Pieter seems quite fond of young Matilda, and they are both of a similar lineage; would it please you if I spoke to her parents? They are best approached carefully for they dote upon their daughter ? as all good parents should, of course.
A constant snoop and mine of gossip ? salacious and otherwise - Heidi ferrets out details of the personalities (and more important, the prospects) of the youngsters in Danigau and arranges matches between them to ensure that appropriate couples form. Adventurers, rich and powerful, but without connections, are a particular favorite of hers, she knows that nobles fallen on hard times often welcome the wealth that an adventurer brings to the family sufficiently to overlook the adventurer?s low background and culture.
Heidi is loved and loathed in equal measure; she always knows which couples are happy and, which are not which husbands philander, which wives pine for lack of attention, and the like. She won the hatred of Heidi Wiergau, once a good friend, for discovering Victor?s apparent divestiture and so ruining his proposed match with Aloise Neblinger. Heidi is a firm favorite of Katherine Gauren Danig who she originally matched to Count Erik Danig and now supplies with information on the secret doings of the court.

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