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I guess this is one case where diamonds aren't forever...
- Tarek von Blixen, on his voyage to Hechingen


Hechingen is built around a small hill that overlooks the plains of Alklund and the Harrowmarsh farther south. Although the town proper is much larger only the buildings on the hill itself are occupied; the rest crumble in neglect and ruin. The once mighty city walls that once protected the city also crumble with neglect while a new wooden palisade protects the residents of the hill.


Hechingen was once a mighty trading city serving as the intersection of all Brecht and Khinasi trade routes. This privileged position provided prosperity and growth for Rohrmarch's "Jewel of the South".
This all changed with the coming of the Rohrmarch's civil war. The traders who once saw this city as a perfect stop now despised its instability. The power and wealth shrank and was further depopulated by the constant battles that were raged to control Rohrmarch's "Jewel". In the end what remained was but the shell of the former city.


Although the town was originally divided into rich and poor districts, such definitions have long since fallen out of use as the poor moved into houses no longer inhabited by former wealthy owners. The inhabited region is centered on the hill itself and divides itself into two districts of roughly 500 inhabitants who live either north or south of the Rohrmarch-Sendoure Road.

[top]Hinden Tower

The most prominent structure in Hechingen is Hinden Tower. This structure, which rises roughly 45 feet into the air, is named after Helmut Hinden, a wizard who was reputed to have formidable skill in casting even the mightiest of magics. It remained empty after his death over three centuries past. Of late however it was occupied by Hechingen's city watch who use it to gain early warning of strange occurences in the Harrowmarsh, which are increasing of late. It also warns of approaching armies.

There are those who say that it is not wise to invade Helmut's tower in this fashion, as the wizard most certainly warded many of the secret chambers that exist in the tower. The recent disappearence several guards seems to justify this fear.


The people of Hechingen think only of rebuilding, and in the realization of this goal they are more than optimistic. They see the position that they hold as the doorway to Khinasi, and that the declaration of the Republic of Alklund can only bring back the stability that is so lacking of late. They are open and friendly to outsiders, who they see as the messengers of future trade routes, but they distrust and severely punish those who interfere their homeland.


1,000 although there is enough housing for up to 3,000 people.


200 yards by 200 yards is inhabited, but the extent of the old city is 300 yards by 600 yards.

[top]Major NPCs in Hechingen

He is a short, thin man with a wispy beard and a jovial smile. Innkeeper of the Inn of the Fallen Crow, Dekker is the greatest rumormill in Hechingen. He always has someone to talk about, and always lends a listening ear. He dresses in simple clothing and makes no attempt to create an ostentatious image. He is a widower.

Beautiful Averil, daughter of Dekker Kohl, mans the bar at the Fallen Crow's common room. Her voice is soft and sweet, her manner gentle and her smile is simply radiant. Most of her time is spent trying to keep her father from gossiping to much.

Staunch ally of the Chosen Citizen during the campaign to liberate Alklund, Otto was appointed this post after independence was achieved. Otto is a tall, broad Brecht. He has traded the traditional brecht armour for the more protective Anuirean plate mail. Although he is kindhearted, and has only the best intentions for this city, he is seen by the people as "unbrecht" and is thus unpopular.

Sergeant-at-arms in the guard of Hechingen, Alaric is a stern man who takes his post seriously. A no nonsense man, he selflessly pursues lawbreakers to the end of his ability. Tall and dark-haired, he arms himself with leather armor and a rapier.

Proprieter of the Hechingen Traders, Bram takes advantage of his position and dresses in a foppish, noble manner. He adorns himself with all manner of silks and handerchiefs which he obtains at the cost of the people, whom he overcharges.

[top]Population/Wealth Breakdown

Farmers, Poor Laborers: 500
Small Merchants, Craftsmen: 450
Wealthy Merchants, Small Nobles: 50
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Class/Level Breakdown


class="grid_ alpha"|Level
class="grid_ alpha"|Fighter
class="grid_ alpha"|Thief
class="grid_ alpha"|Priest
class="grid_ alpha"|Magician
class="grid_ alpha"|Blooded
class="grid_ alpha"|1st
class="grid_ alpha"|20
class="grid_ alpha"|10
class="grid_ alpha"|8
class="grid_ alpha"|2
class="grid_ alpha"|2nd
class="grid_ alpha"|10
class="grid_ alpha"|5
class="grid_ alpha"|4
class="grid_ alpha"|1
class="grid_ alpha"|0
class="grid_ alpha"|3rd
class="grid_ alpha"|5
class="grid_ alpha"|3
class="grid_ alpha"|2
class="grid_ alpha"|0
class="grid_ alpha"|4th
class="grid_ alpha"|3
class="grid_ alpha"|2
class="grid_ alpha"|5
class="grid_ alpha"|5th
class="grid_ alpha"|2
class="grid_ alpha"|1
class="grid_ alpha"|3
class="grid_ alpha"|6th
class="grid_ alpha"|1
class="grid_ alpha"|1
class="grid_ alpha"|7th
class="grid_ alpha"|1
class="grid_ alpha"|1

[top]Goods and Services

[top]North District

[top]South District

  • Torvald the Baker
  • Otto the Brewer
  • Servill the Butcher
  • Selem the Cheesemaker
  • Grocer (LW)
  • Grocer (AoT)
  • Oakhome Tavern
  • Tavern of the Blueax
  • Newhome Pub
  • Bismark the Blacksmith
  • Trader (AoT)
  • Trader (LW)
  • Bram's Wares
  • Hechingen Wares
  • Britter the Cobbler
  • Leatherworker (AoT)
  • Leatherworker (LW)
  • Karl the Mason
  • Connal the Woodcarver (elf)
  • Armorer (LW)
  • Hubert the Chandler
  • Alden the Cartter
  • Ansell the Cartwright
  • Darold the Barister
  • Ahmed the Fence
  • Alaric the Fence
  • Alfreda the Healer
  • Sunbeam Home (Alklund Temple of Avani); Salim of Avani (MKh, Pri 3)
  • Laborers: Martel, Pieter, Richard

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