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Heartlands Outfitters

Guilder Kalien

Plutocratic Monarchy




Heartlands Outfitters is the guild created by Guilder Kalien of Endier.

Status: Recommended

[top]Commerce and Production

[top]Centers of Trade

The guild has the monopoly of trade in Endier, since its guilder is also the ruler of the realm.

HO's men are usually found in Southern Coast, expecially in Diemed and Medoere.

The guild is also present in the Heartlands, as it has gained some business power in Alamie and Ghoere.



[top]Important Figures

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[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Heartlands Outfitters
Endier (6/0)GK (6)CJS (3)GK (6)Ca (0)
WIT (3)
Ciliene, Diemed (6/0)HD (4)OIT (6)EH (3)-
DA (2)GK (3)
Moere, Diemed (5/0)HD (3)OIT (5)GK (4)-
DA (1)OT (1)
Tier, Diemed (2/3)HD (1)OIT (2)GK (2)He (1)
Caerwil, Medoere (2/3)GK (2)RCS (2)GK (2)He (3)
Ghiere,Ghoere (5/0)GT (3)HA (3)GH (3)SM (0)
Mh (2)MOC (2)GK (2)
Rhumannen,Ghoere (4/1)GT (2)HA (2)GH (3)SM (1)
Mh (2)MOC (2)GK (1)
Thoralinar,Ghoere (3/2)GT (3)LPA (3)GH (3)SM (2)
Tireste,Ghoere (5/0)GT (5)HA (3)GK (4)SM (0)
MOC (2)GH (1)
Laraeth,Alamie (3/2)CA (2)CJS (3)GH (3)Ca (2)
GK (0)
Maesford,Alamie (2/3)CA (1)WIT (2)GK (2)Ca (3)
GK (0)
Traiward,Alamie (3/2)CA (2)WIT (3)GK (3)Ca (2)
City of Anuire (10/0)CD (3)WIT (3)GK (2)COS (0)
DA (3)LPA (2)PAI (2)
AB (2)MOC (2)ML (1)
HD (2)CJS (1)--
Abbreviations: GK=Guilder Kalien (Endier, Heartlands Outfitters); AB=Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine); Ca=Caine; CD=Caliedhe Dosiere (Imperial City); CJS=Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain); COS=College of Sorcery; DA = Darien Avan (Avanil); EH = el-Hadid (Port of Call Exchange); GH = Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); GT = Gavin Tael (Ghoere); HA= Haelyn's Aegis (Antia Maricoere); HD = Heirl Diem (Diemed); He = Hermedhie; LPA = Life and Protection of Avanalae (Medhlorie Haensen); IHH = Impregnable Heart of Haelyn (Hubaere Armiendin); Mh= Mhor (Mhoried); ML = Moerele Lannaman (Maesil Shippers); MOC = Militant Order of Cuiraécen (Fhylie the Sword); OIT = Orthodox Imperial Temple (Lavalan Briesen); OT = Orthien Tane (Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports); PAI=Parnien Anuvier Iniere (Prince's Pride); RA = Rogr Aglondier; RCS = Ruornil's Celestial Spell (Suris Enlien); SE = Suris Enlien (Medoere); SM = Sword Mage; WIT=Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn (Rhobher Nichaleir).

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