Harold Ulfer

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Harold Ulfer was a king in a realm once known as Ulfer, in the Overlook region of Brechtür. He was called the mad king as he put his research for dwarven artifacts above the health of his kingdom.

Harold, a wizard of great power, become Count in 940 HC, a privilege for a Brecht within the Anuirean empire. He had his capital city in the depths of the abandoned dwarven city of Mount Edarr. In his search of the ruins he found references to an alchemical process that could grant him eternal life by becoming a Lich. He spent a lot of money and resources to search all the realm for any dwarven artifact that could bring him closer to his goal, since the kingdom was built on a great forgotten dwarven realm.

When the Anuirean Empire begun to crumble in the overlook, around the end of the first millennium HC, he got no interest in this and ignored any requests from his Grafs to gain independency. It did not help that by 975 HC orogs begun popping out of the ancient tunnels, and sacked the ancient dwarven homes now used by the Ulferians. Then, he believed the elves had stolen the secrets of the runes, and begun persecuting them in the southern woods regions. The kingdom was in high turmoil and the mad king was nowhere closer to his goal.

The realm in chaos attracted external forces: in 980 HC the Company of the Black Spear started invading the north from Grevesmühl while Alisse Ulfer, a general who helped Berhagen gain its freedom and niece of Harold, begun liberating the south. Harold used the army and his realm spells to slow down the invaders, but had no real plan - all he cared about was lichhood. When the army lost all the major battles, he cast a Warding realm spell on Mount Eddar and closed himself in the depths of the ancient city.

in 989 HC Alisse Ulfer managed to enter the city and found Harold in the depths of the dungeon city. Harold killed Alisse's entourage but it is said that the ghost of ancient King Edarr protected the young warrior.

That is the last mention of Harold Ulfer in history books: Alisse claims she stabbed him through the heart, but certain legends and rumors from the depths of the gray city claim he survived and become a lich, or something worse, still hunting the secrets of the gray city.

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