Halflings, Cerilian

The halflings aren't a numerous people, but they can be found almost anywhere humans live. Only a handful of humans know the secret of the halflings' origins: Once they dwelled in the spirit-world, a realm of faerie enchantment that existed parallel to Cerilia, but this realm was poisoned by the rise of the Shadow Lord and they fled to the daylight world to escape his power. In the early years of the Anuirean Empire, the halflings left their home family by family, trickling into the human lands.
Living in the shadow of their larger neighbors, halflings don't see the sense in a government larger than a small village or extended family, and are happy to count themselves citizens of whatever human land surrounds them. It's not unusual to find a handful of halfling farmers near a human village, or a neighborhood of halfling craftsmen in a larger town.
Halflings usually adopt the language, culture, and customs of the Big Folk around them, while keeping a few aspects of their own culture intact. They'll never take up arms against each other -- halflings feel free to use weapons in the defense of their homes or families, but consider fisticuffs the only acceptable form of violence against other halflings.
Cerilian halflings stand about 3-1/2 feet tall and resemble small humans. They tend to be plump, and are fond of creature comforts. Halflings can see into the Shadow World by concentrating for one round. This allows them to detect evil, detect undead, or detect necromantic magic with a 75% chance of success.
Halflings may also note places where the barriers between worlds are thin, using their innate power to either dimension door or shadow walk up to three times per week. Their chance of success depends on the closeness of the Shadow Land, ranging from 10% on sunny summer days in civilized regions to 100% on cold winter nights in wild areas or crypts. Halflings avoid revealing these abilities to people they don't trust.
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- the halfling language from the Shadow World

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