From time to time, a particularly handsome or beautiful human with courage and a gracious manner can walk among the Sidhelien and return unscathed. There have been humans who have been accepted as equals in the elven courts. Mortals quickly become lost in the elven spell; the years reel by in splendour and celebration, while the world outside comes to a halt or leaps centuries ahead. The mortal may return home to find that only a single night passed, or that a hundred years have passed him by. More often than not, his life runs out in an eye blink, like a moth dancing too close to the flame.

Half-elves are the children of these unusual men and women and their elven hosts. The elves regard them as Sidhelien, and they are welcome in elven society. Humans are more suspicious of half-elves, referring to them as bewitched or changelings; it's rare for half-elves to leave the elven woods.
Like elves, half-elves are beautiful and graceful, but their builds are heavier -- they are well within the human ranges of height and weight. They share their elven parent's night vision, but have to sleep as much as a human.

[top]Variant: Hanner Sidhe

This article contains content that relies on the
assumption that half-elves are changelings.

Please see Hanner Sidhe for more information about this varient.

Another approach is that half-elves are originally human but have been sidhe-touched. Having been raised or educated by the elves, these humans are something other than what they were before they began their journey among the sidhe. Savane Mhoried and Torele Anviras are examples of humans who lived among the elves and would be considered half-elves. The Sidhelien term for this is "Hanner sidhe."
Those already described as half-elves would be people like these who are sidhe-touched, sidhe-educated, and part of a grand project to bring human conduct into better accord with the land.
Fhilerwyn Llyrandor of Tuarhievel was the author of the most recent attempts to organize a change in human affairs, to become more like the elves. Fhiele Dhoesone, Savane Mhoried, and Torele Anviras are current examples of humans who advance the sidhe agenda in the world.
- the BRCS original

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