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Haelyn's Aegis

Grand Master, Antia Maricoere



Alignment: Lawful Good.
Status: Haelyn's Aegis would prefer to solve disputes among men by diplomacy, though it stands vigilant against the Awnsheghlien, especially the Gorgon.

[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The Orthodox Imperial Temple is devoted primarily to Haelyn as the Lord of Noble War. Haelyn is revered throughout Anuire as a paragon of kingship, courage, chivalry, command of armies, and stern, yet merciful justice. The temple teaches its followers that Haelyn established a social order for the good of all his people. This order includes a dual hierarchy of priests and nobles. Its rituals, rites, and forms of worship are very traditional and have changed little from those of the Imperial Temple. Haelyn's Aegis recognizes the leadership and guidance of the Orthodox Imperial Temple in matters of ritual, worship, and interpretation of the Book of Laws, which remains central to its doctrine. It differs from the Orthodox Imperial Temple in the acceptance it gives to practitioners of other religions, for the openness of Haelyn's Aegis goes back to its role during the Empire as a source of conversion throughout Cerilia.
The doctrine of Haelyn's Aegis is based primarily the Orthodox Principles which holds the Book of Laws, the sacred text of Haelyn, as the key means to understand Haelyn's will. It is read closely using sophisticated textual methods. The centrality of the Book of Laws, interpreted by skilled textual analysts, supersedes all other teachings and interpretations. Other sects may consult other texts as key commentaries on Haelyn's intentions in the Book of Laws, or they may use other interpretive methods to read it.
As taught in the Book of Laws, society, laws, and culture are a mark of civilization. Haelyn is the Lord of Rulership, and thus it is the duty of his faithful to establish a civilized society with clear, just laws to guide it. By this observation of laws and dispensation of justice, adhered to by all members of society, Haelyn can be honoured more fully. Just as nobles are created and ordered as part of a just, lawful society, likewise are religious ceremonies and rituals a mark of a culturally advanced society and thus a great civilization. Such ceremonies demonstrate the greatness of Haelyn, uplifting the spirits of the faithful and as a result increasing their religious fervour, driving them on to greater deeds in Haelyn's honour. Priests preserve and administer the rites and rituals described in the Book of Laws for the benefit of all the people.
Haelyn's Aegis stresses Haelyn as the noble defender of justice and peace by means of the sword. By taking up the sword for justice and defence, facing threats to the people, the temple performs a sacred charge. Its principle mission is a therefore a defence of Anuire from Awnsheghlien, especially the mighty armies of the Gorgon. Once strictly a knightly order, Haelyn's Aegis still retain its military organization, although it is no longer composed solely of knights. As a temple, it provides all the functions one expects of a temple of Haelyn, and so count many non-combatants among it's members. Still, defence of Anuire motivates all who serve, even if their defence is in the courts, or in other aspects of society.
This means that doctrine, though important, cannot be the only guiding principle of the temple. Too many good and worthy allies follow different doctrines, be they other sects of Haelyn, or temples of Nesirie, Cuiraécen, Avani, or Erik. Any worthy defender who would take up arms against those who threaten Anuire could be a friend to Haelyn's Aegis.


The Holy Order of Haelyn's Aegis was a knightly order of the Imperial Temple. Composed of knights, militant priests, and dedicated soldiers, it was the military army of the Imperial Temple. When the Imperial Temple called warriors to serve the Emperor and bring the wisdom of Haelyn's worship and the benefits of Anuirean civilization to the rest of Cerilia, the Holy Order of Haelyn's Aegis was always the first to answer.
The death of Blaede Vathormane in 346 MR strained the temple. As the founder of their place as an independent temple, and as a reluctant reformer, Blaede brought a judiciousness and prestige to his office as the regent of the temple. His successors all wanted to move the temple in one direction or another. The second half of the fourth century after the fall of the empire brought many theological challenges. Janna Many-Tongued solidified the new teachings of the Northern Imperial Temple, and others, such as Onwen Nichaleir advocated a more interpretative approach to reading the Book of Laws. Over the next half century, the Khinasi temples of Haelyn, calling themselves the Dragonsea Temple of Haelyn went off on their own, maintaining the orthodoxy that Blaede had preserved in the rites and worship of Haelyn. Soon after the Brecht temple of Haelyn, calling themselves Haelyn's Warriors also went their own way.
By the end of the fourth century, the leaders of Haelyn's Aegis were advocating diplomacy and cooperation amongst the Anuierean religions as their chief tools, and though they maintained a military style organization, and worshiped Haelyn as the Lord of Noble War, they ceased to be an aggressive military order. Under this situation the temples of Cuiraécen felt restricted and unfulfilled. They too broke away from Haelyn's Aegis, though they maintain friendly and cooperative relations with them even today. With their seperation, the Church of Storm's Height also seperated from the temples of Haelyn in Brechtür.
After the schisms Haelyn's Aegis emerged an independent temple, still maintaining the defence of Anuire as their focus, and thus keeping good relations with the Militant Order of Cuiraécen, Elinie's Life and Protection of Avanalae, Mhoried's Oaken Grove, as well as the various temples of Haelyn. It can be a challenging balancing act, but Haelyn's Aegis carries it out as well as any Speaker of Nesirie.

[top]Major Centers of Worship

[top]Important NPCs

Grand Master, Antia Maricoere

Lord Marshal of Mhoried

Lord Marshal of Ghoere

Lord Marshal of Elinie

Lord Marshal of Cariele

Lord Marshal of Coeranys

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Haelyn's Aegis
Achiese, Ghoere (4/1)GT (3)AM (3)
MA (1)
GH (4)SM (1)
Bhalaene, Ghoere (6/0)GT (4)FtS (5)
AM (1)
GH (4)
ML (2)
SM (0)
Bheline, Ghoere (4/1)GT (4)FtS (3)
AM (1)
GH (4)SM (1)
Danaroene, Ghoere (4/1)GT (3)FtS (3)
AM (1)
GH (4)SM (1)
Ghiere, Ghoere (5/0)GT (3)
Mh (2)
AM (3)
FtS (2)
GH (3)
GK (2)
SM (0)
Rhumannen, Ghoere (4/1)GT (2)
Mh (2)
AM (2)
FtS (2)
GH (3)
GK (1)
SM (1)
Tireste, Ghoere (5/0)GT (5)AM (3)
FtS (2)
GK (4)
GH (1)
SM (0)
Tornilen, Ghoere (3/2)GT (2)
Mh (0)
AM (0)GH (2)
ML (0)
SM (2)
Bevaldruor, Mhoried (6/3)Mh (4)AM (3)ML (5)Rg (3)
FtS (3)GTh (1)
Mh (0)
Byrnnor, Mhoried (4/1)Mh (3)AM (2)ML (3)Rg (1)
GB (2)GTh (1)
Mh (0)
Cwlldon, Mhoried (3/2)Mh (3)AM (2)GH (2)SM (2)
GT (0)FtS (0)ML (0)Rg (0)
Maesilar, Mhoried (3/2)GT (3)FtS (3)ML (3)Rg (2)
Mh (0)AM (0)Mh (0)
Marloer's Gap, Mhoried (2/3)Mh (1)AM (1)ML (2)Rg (2)
GB (0)
Tenarien, Mhoried (3/2)Mh (3)GB (3)GTh (3)SM (2)
GT (0)AM (0)ML (0)Rg (0)
Winoene, Mhoried (3/2)Mh (3)AM (3)GTh (3)Rg (2)
ML (0)
Ansien, Elinie (5/0)AD (3)MH (3)EL (5)-
AM (2)
Chalsedon, Elinie (3/2)AD (1)AM (3)EL (3)SM (2)
Mhelliviene, Cariele (5/2)MB (3)LN (5)MB (5)DD (0)
EG (2)AM (0)
Mountainsedge, Cariele (3/4)MB (2)LN (3)MB (3)EO (0)
EG (1)AM (0)
Caudraight, Coeranys (4/1)EC (2)AM (2)DW (2)
MH (2)GH (2)
Ruorven, Coeranys (4/1)EC (3)MH (3)DW (2)
AM (1)EL (2)
Abbreviations: AM=Antia Maricoere (Haelyn's Aegis); GT = Gavin Tael (Ghoere); Mh= Mhor (Mhoried); EG=Entier Gladanil (Cariele); EC=Eluvie Cariele (Coeranys); LN=Larra Nielems (Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie); MH = Medhlorie Haensen (Life and Protection of Avanalae); FtS = Fhylie the Sword (Militant Order of Cuiraécen); GB=Günther Brandt (Oaken Grove of Erik); MB=Mheallie Bireon (Stonecrown Coster), (Source of the Maesil), (Northlands Exchange); ML = Moerele Lannaman (Maesil Shippers); GK = Guilder Kalien (Endier, Heartlands Outfitters); EL=Elamien Lamier (Points East Trading Guild); GH = Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); GTh=Gaelin Thuried (Upper Anuire Traders); DW=Diirk Watershold (Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik); EO=Eyeless One; DD=Daeric Dhoesone; Rg=Regien; SM = Sword Mage;

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