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Gulfport is the sandy, dry land between the great swamps. There are 49 manors and 58 villages in Gulfport.
Through her control of the town of Gulfport as well as Almondier Manor, Halie Almondier, Countess of Gulfport (FAn; Thf7; Masela, minor, 21, CN), is one of the most powerful women in Osoerde. Almondier Manor directly oversees eight manors and is famous for including the only orchard outside of Khinasi lands capable of growing almond trees, making her fairly wealthy as well. She has been carefully keeping guilds out of her province until she finds the "right partner." The town of Gulfport is controlled directly by the countess, and if they dislike not being allowed to elect their own mayors and councilmen like other towns, they have not found the countess's rule too onerous. The knights Sir Dietric Caeren and Sir Gavin Tindier, her direct vassals, flourish under her rule and control two manors and one manor, respectively. Six other knights also have a single manor from the countess.
Midway between Gulfport and the city of Moriel lies the baronetcy of Grace Lake, whose Baronet, Tannen Bronwyn (MAn; Ftr3; Brenna, tainted, 7, NG) controls his four manors and has seigneurial rights over the town of Grace Lake. His vassals include his cousin, Sir Roenal Bronwyn (MAn; Ftr2; Brenna, tainted, 5, N), who has an estate of two manors, and Sir Ansen Rieghoer, who also controls two manors.
The Baronet of Moegara, Caelan Moegara (MAn; Ftr5; unblooded; CN) rules the four manors of Moegara Manor. He has three vassals, in assition to the vassalage of the Prior of the Monastery of the Thunderer, a monastery of Cuiraécen. His other vassals include his brother, Sir Vaesil Moegara, to whom he gave over control of his most distant manor, mostly, according to local gossips, to get away from his brother's wife. His other vassals are Temias Nesirien, who controls two manors, and his former sergent, Arlen Pikeman, who was elevated to the gentry after he saved his lord's life on the battlefield and now controls a single manor.
The final Lord of Gulfport County is Daene Taurele (MAn; Ftr6; Basaïa, tainted, 11; LG), Lord of Taurele, who oversees the operations of the three manors from Myrtlewood Hall. His vassals include Sir Ruvic Nichaleir, a very minor member of the prestigious Nichaleir family, and five other knights, each with a single manor.

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