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Current Events

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[top]Current Events Around Cerilia

THE MONTH IS: Sarimiere


Current Sword and Crown Holder: Entier Gladanil (Regent of Cariele)
Events for Elinie
Arms of ElinieArms of Elinie

Weekly Event: One of the youngest daughters of Assan ibn Douta, Jawahir bint Douta (FKh; Pr/Cl3 of Ruornil; Ba, Major, 40; NG), has returned from Medoere. She was the only daughter of Assan that didn't follow the way of Avanalae, instead she prefered the way of Ruornil (V.I.P.). With her is a young Wizard with high expectations. Elton Robhere (MA; Wiz5; An, Major, 36; LG) of the Imperial City of Anuire was also in Medoere. Assan ibn Douta is expected to provide a feast for his devoted daughter of Ruornil. Rumor has it that the pair are in love.
Monthly Event: Also appearing in Elinie is a strange masked, dark garbed man from Khinasi (MKh; Th/Rog7; ???; ??). He wears a veil about his face, covering his mouth and nose so that only his eyes show. His garb is a mixture of black, dark violet, and blue. He is leading a band of cutthroats that are making trouble for Elinie in Osoeriene. The Count of Osoeriene is distressed at the brigand (Vengeful Stranger).
Events for Ghoere

Monthly Event: Jonathan Michale was out hunting with a party in the royal forests of Danaroene when his horse suddenly got skittish and reared up. Jonathan suddenly fell from his horse and broke his neck. The fall instantly killed him. His nobles and ladies brought him home to Bhalaene to Gavin Tael. Gavin Tael showed no emotion, but everyone who knows him best sees the grief and anguish in his eyes. (Accident) In other news, the Contessa Nhiele Aernghar is being courted by a strange young man with amorous attentions.
Events for Roesone

Monthly Event: The Govenor of Mieres, Arron Vaumel, decided that he's had enough of ruling just Mieres. He is planning to send half his army to invade the Baroness' domain for an imagined insult against his abilities to govern Mieres. Nevermind that one of his Privateers has been sunk by the Sea Drake.
What happened was that the Governor was invited to a state dinner at Proudglaive, and after negotiating the Straits of Aerele and with that pesky Sea Drake, he appeared at Roesone Castle. During the dinner, one of Marlae's courtiers made the remark that Vaumel couldn't govern his way out of a Badger's mouth. Insulted, Governor Vaumel screamed "IT'S WAR!!" and stormed out of Castle Roesone. The Governor is building some new Warships for the invasion of Roesone; and managed to levy two new units. Marlae is currently in negotiation with Suris Enlien and Rogr Aglondier for ideas on how to handle Governor Vaumel (Major Incursion).



Monthly Event: Onwen Späkhaert, Regent of Kiergard, is in distress. Word is, Kiergard is having a string of bad weather lately. The weather is unusual in the fact that Daubreisch and other provinces have been getting unusually heavy snowfalls in that time of year. Daum, in particular, had two blizzards hit it in a row. Späkhaert is blaming Count Strahd von Zarovich, regent of Barovia, for the string of terrible weather. Some of the inhabitants are blaming the Goddess Kriestal for their terrible weather (Bad Weather).


Monthly Event: The mayor of one of the lesser villages of Massenmarch is celebrating the birth of his son. The son, Johannes Shmidt (MBr; An, minor, 20), is only a few days old. Already, he's displaying some of his heritage. The party is in lieu of the fact that Johannes has been secreted away to save his life. In his place, another baby is placed in order to confuse the Swordhawk. Meanwhile, there are rumors of war.

[top]The Burrows

Weekly Event: A gate to the Shadow World opened up and a powerful skeleton and his small regiment of ghouls from the Shadow World is creating trouble for the Halflings in the Burrows. Adventurers or Hero Kings may need to apply.
Monthly Event: Besides the skeleton, Shadows has been seen in the Burrows. The albino awnshegh has so far been last seen moving through Ambles-on-Hillsfair causing trouble. A couple of disappearances has been blaimed on the awnshegh. No one knows of Shadows' last whereabouts.
(Notorious Criminal)



Monthly Event: Brigands in Assarif, Azedas, and Def el-Kadir have appeared to terrorize the people. They have been raping and pillaging through these lands. Many people are pleading to the Prince for help, and the Prince has asked Rahil the Falcon to investigate through scrying as to where these brigands are and what can be done about them (Brigandage). Meanwhile, Omadi the Quick of the Gold Coast Coster has managed to receive a shipment of impressive silks from Djapar. A good sign that relations with the Basarji of Djapar might be improving.


Monthly Event: Aftane province has suffered a very minor earthquake. A few people died in the quake, although half of the buildings has suffered some damage. The Palace of the Kings, the palace of the Red Kings, has also suffered significant damage. About twenty of the Red Kings' servants in the Palace of the Kings were crushed in the Earthquake. People are scrambling to have their buildings repaired in Aftane. It is unknown if any of the Red Kings escaped the quake (Minor Earthquake).


The Palace of the Grand VizierThe Palace of the Grand Vizier

Monthly Event: Two lions are found in Khoused that have acquired a taste of human flesh. The attacks seem random, but Omar ibn Tuarim el-Zisef is worried since he's been tracking their movements. He thinks that the lions have been sent from the Sphinx and is preparing accordingly to deal with them, in secret. This is becuase the Wazir of Khoused, Alhasan ibn Zarqai, was attacked and eaten on the last report. Omar has traveled to Khoused to take the last source, a mystic spring, under his control (Maneater). In other news, before the Lions showed up, the Grand Vizier was celebrating his engagement to Princess Basimah bint Mair of Mairada (FKh; Wiz 5; Ba, minor, 15; NG). Princess Basimah is the Sultana's granddaughter.

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