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Grovnikken Stohlevvskyy

Lawful Evil
Recommended for PC to use

City of Rzhlev

Luxury, Loot
Ores, wood, granite
GB Income:
10 GB (holdings), 6.5 GB (trade routes)
RP Income:
15 RP (holdings), 6 RP (trade routes, 2E only)
Tribute (4 GB), assets ( 1.4 GB, 3E, 0.3 GB, 2E)
33 GB
30 RP
1 Cog used for trade


The Grovnikken Stohlevvsky is the guild founded and ruled by the renegade dwarf Grovnikk Glössevik, and is managed by the Glössevik clan. It is the prime and only organized guild of the vos realm of Rzhlev.

[top]Commerce and Production

The guild controls all the mines in the northern range and the rzhlev range, which are mostly iron, copper, sulfur and salt. In the valley of Steppegrad there is the occasional granite quarry. The guild also controls the wood traffic pinewoods and oak from the southern woods.

They are know for their weapons, swords in particular, which are often used as gifts to zhupans or other nobles. The weapon and armor market, by order of the Tsarina, is internal only, altough smuggling often occurs.

The guild has rebuilt the warehouses in the City of Rzhlev and reopened most ports to traffic, besides hoarding raiders for assault. They control the only ferry of the Berhagen river in Feyulfsky. However, their activities are mostly tied to temporary storing of any raiding or pirate activity.

[top]Centers of Trade

The main activity of the guild is held in the City of Rzhlev, where they control all of the internal market the same way a zhupan would rule his province. There is not a tavern or a small stall that does not answer to the Stholevvskyy.

Far from the city, the Docks provide the major naval traffic of the kingdom: The guild conveniently sells its goods far away from the Overlook, sometimes even outside the Great Bay to far off lands.

Most of the mining activities are shunt in the mountain region of Duarlavka, where ores go to the ships sailing from the Dwarfhame. Others go south instead, following the Granite Road which takes its name from the granite quarries in Steppegrad. the Trade route goes from Duarlavka down to Rzhlevskyy, with a trade center in Steppegrad where the precious granite is mined and sold.

The guild content itself with some representatives and a share of the profits from the Great Bazaar of Mount Edarr, perhaps because Dimas Lowstar has made clear that the dwarves are not very welcomed in their own ancestral home.

One of the greates losses of the guild has been the Pine Road Project. Grovnikk wanted to form a new trade route connecting Feyulfsky, Molevof and the City of Rzhlev, based upon wood trading, but the rebellion in Molevof has ruined his projects, reduced his traffic and ruined his plans to enhance and expand the docks of the capital province.


It is not know what terrible deed Grovnikk did in Daikhar Zhigun to be exiled with his entire clan, around 100 years ago. The dwarves first became bandits, and started harassing the farms and villages around Lazzgrad trying to push the people away and reclaim the mountains in that area. They failed, but their ferocity (some of them were Doom guards) was acknowledged and respected enough by the church of Belinik Tsarevic that Grovnikk gained an hearing with Tsar Rodel himself. The Tsar granted the dwarves to live as Swuz in the mountains; it was only when Tsarina Marisha stepped in as regent that the true potential of the Dwarves was recognized.

Willing to share the ancient secrets of dwarven weaponcraft, The tsarina helped Grovnikk found a guild by reclaiming the remnants of the old guilds. The Dwarvers then introduced advanced mining and metallurgical techniques to the Vos kingdom; the Vos kingdom introduced them to the idea of slave labor.

Thanks to that, the guild expanded unopposed in all the realm, restoring the ancient mines of the range and opening the docks to trade by building warehouses. The Molevof rebellion was the first time someone opposed the guild, by stopping the harvest of wood in the southern forest.


Grovinkk was more than willing to share a fat cut of their gains to the vos in exchange for a seat of power; he made so that Dwarves were considered free people (as long as they belonged to the guild) and that the guild was considered itself as a member of the higher class, allowing it to detain slaves. Grovnikk is not a fool: he knows that between the weapon selling, the renting of the warehouses, and a share of the cut for any mercenary dwarven unit provided, he will compensate his loss and often even make a profit.

In the last 5 years or so the guild started corrupting Executioners and zhupans to condemn as many people to slavery as possible. This has increased hate towards the guild, now seen by the lower class as a predator worse than the zhupans.

Grovnikk wouldn't even think about speaking against war in a vos realm, so he made sure he profits as most as possible from the raids. The guild sells the vos weapons, then secretly sells armors to the Brecht thanks to the intense smuggling activity in Evuarr. They then collect most of the loot at low prices and reintroduce them in the internal market.

Since the rebellion in Molevof, Grovnikk has sworn revenge to the Ayairden Vierklevven. Spies even between the slaves are sent to find out their hideouts and eradicate the brotherhood as soon as possible.

The Glössevik clan wants to restore relationships with their home of Dhaikar Zhigun, however king Kallen Pickbiter wants nothing to do with them.

[top]Important Figures

  • Grovnikk Glössevik (MD; T8; Anduiras, major, 24; LE) is the patriarch of the guild.

The six minor brothers of Grovnikk, each one a lieutenant:
  • Barrendd Glössevik (MD; F5; Anduiras, major, 15; LE), Stonemaster of of the mines of Duarlavka and suspected pirate;
  • Bornvikk (MD; T3; Anduiras, major, 8), Stonemaster of Mount Edarr;
  • Brottorvikk "Sleepy" (MD; T6; Anduiras, major, 20), Guildmaster of Molevof, got his name for his failure in handling the rebellion;
  • Sören (MD; F7; Anduiras, major, 24), Official manager of Rzhlevport and renown pirate;
  • Hildë (FD; Cl6; Anduiras, major, 28), Stone priest of the Verzberg mountain;
  • Eberk (MD; W8; Azrai, tainted, 11), twisted stonemaster of the mines near Steppegrad.

These days Grovnikk has left most of the guild activity management to his brothers while he works more on the political side.


[top]Trade routes

  • The docks of Rzhlevskyy (Sea trade route to faroff land), 2.5 GB
  • The Granite Road (Steppegrad - Rzhlevskyy), 4 GB

[top]Other assets

  • Highway from Steppegrad to Rzhlevskyy (-1 GB) (3E only)
  • Cog (-0.4 GB, 3E) (-0.3, 2E)

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • There is no love between the zhupans and the guild. The vos lords feel like the guild is profiting from what should be theirs by right of conquest. Perhaps a lesson is due , and since vos do not understand anything but brute force, maybe it should be an harsh one.
  • They say Dimas Lowestar has forbid the guild from expanding into mount Edarr because Grovnikk thinks that the Glössevik clan is a direct descendant of king Edarr, ancient ruler of the land. Such claim will immediately put an axe on the dwarf's head, if the tsarina is convinced with evidence.
  • You cannot show any sign of weakness or defeat in such lands.The Pine Road Project must start again, but first, both the Ayairda's Veriklevven and zhupan Molev need a lesson.
  • Priests of the Belinik Tsarevic started to complain that too many brechts are enslaved in the mines instead of becoming cannon fodder in blood rituals. If the tsarina listen to these claims, it will be time for the guild to estabilish their own lawmakers, especially in the Mountain Ranges.
  • One of the guild's darkest secrets is that they enslaved fellow dwarf-kin in Duarlavka to their own forges and mines. If Dhaikar Zhigun would hear of this, with proof, war would be almost unavoidable.
  • Nobody knows what Grovnikk did to be exhiled from Dhaikar Zhigun. such secret may be worth a sum for sure...

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Grovnikken Stohlevvskyy
Duarlavka, Rzhlev (3/4)Ts (3)BT (2)GS (3)Ts (4)
Edarlaskyy, Rzhlev (4/3)Ts (3)BT (2)GS (1)Ts (1)
Ay** (1)
Evuarr, Rzhlev (4/3)Ts (1)Ay** (2)GS (1)-
Feyulfsky, Rzhlev (3/4)Ts (3)BT (3)GS (2)Ts (3)
Molevof, Rzhlev (4/3)Ts (3)BT (2)GS (0)Ts (1)
Ay** (2)
Rzhlevskyy, Rzhlev (5/2)Ts (5)BT (4)GS (5)Ts (2)
Steppegrad, Rzhlev (3/4)Ts (3)BT (3)GS (3)Ts (3)
Abbreviations: Ts = Tsarina of Rzhlev; BT = Belinik Tsarevic (Nikoli Brokeslav); GS = Grovnikken Stohlevvskyy (Grovnikk Glössevik); Ay = Ayairdan Vierklevven (Brigitta Jarlsbane); **=Secret holding.

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