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Gold Coast Coster



GB Income
9 GB
RP Income
8 RP

8 GB
Acc. Regency
10 RP


The Gold Coast Coster is a honorable guild which strives to gain wealth against more ruthless ones.

[top]Commerce and Production

The Gold Coast Coster buys local valuables and livestock for sale to foreign merchants. Customers come to the guildmarkets knowing they can save a lot of time and the trouble to deal with dozens of individuals.

[top]Centers of Trade

The Gold Coast Coster has its main centers of business in Ariya and in eastern Zikalan provinces.


The guild was started by Omadi the Quick, who was able to organize various independent merchants in a well structured league.

It quickly gained an uphold in Ariya, gaining the benevolent approval of the Prince-Paladin Gerad.


[top]Important Figures

Omadi the Quick runs the guild.

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

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