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Gnolls are a brutal race of humanoids, one of the races of beast-men created by Azrai. They have humanoid bodies but the heads of hyenas, and shaggy hair covers their skin. Gnolls are notoriously undisciplined, and rarely respect any authority unless it is within arm's reach. Gnolls do not, by their nature waste time thinking about the future, and as a result it is rare for true leaders to emerge from amongst their numbers.
Bands of nomadic gnolls are a threat to much of Cerilia, although the more settled lands have little to fear from them. Only one gnoll realm exists, the Gnoll Fells of Vosgaard are home to tens of thousands of the beasts and a more anarchic land exists nowhere, even the realms of the orogs are safer (to those granted safe passage), while the goblin lands are positively bucolic by comparison.
Superstitious in the extreme, gnolls avoid magic like the plague. Gnoll priests are amongst the few gnolls that can compel obedience from their fellows unless physically present. They worship Yeenoghu. A few rare gnoll births result in Flinds, a stockier breed which almost inevitably reaches some sort of leadership position due to their greater intelligence.
Gnolls do not have agriculture, they forage or scavenge what they need, and frequently resort to cannibalism of other races and even gnolls of other tribes. Gnolls rarely make tools or weapons and therefore tend to use those they have stolen from more creative hard-working races.

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