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Tirrin Hawkwind and his fellow members of the Gheallie Sidhe in Dhoesone are involved in several plots to defend the sidhe of the land or expand sidhe influence over it.

[top]My enemy unto the last generation

Tirrin's elves are scattering Cuva root in pastures where humans raise cattle, goats and the like, animals who consume the root become infertile. Already several folk have abandoned farms where their animals seem cursed, leaving the sidhelien to reclaim the land.

[top]A burden too heavy too bear

Tirrin gained the aid of an allied dwarf to sabotage several local bridges. These bridges will now collapse when a heavy weight passes over them, say a laden merchant caravan or troops of Anuirean knights.

[top]To your own kind return hidden

Tirrin plans to kidnap woodsmen and polymorph them into animals, the woodsmen will revert when slain, hopefully causing the hunters to doubt their prey in future and avoid the deep woodlands.

[top]To the wilds return

Several loggers have used the keen noses of the hounds of the Warrens to track down members of the Gheallie Sidhe after raids or pranks. Tirrin has taken the form of a wolf to engender pups on several prominent breeding hounds causing the offspring to be feral in turn. The loggers are now turning away from using the increasingly intractable hounds enabling the sidhelien to escape with ease after their raids.

[top]A changeling child

A wild and fey folk, several ancient practices still hold amongst the elves of Dhoesone. When one of their children is born sickly and weak - a rare event - the elves sometimes exchange the child for a healthy human baby; or kidnap a human baby and raise both as siblings linked by magic so that the health of one might aid the other.

A slight variant on this practice is the kidnapping of a human child if an elven child dies, frequently accompanied by a bloody reprisal raid if the child died as a result of human activity. Tirrin has led several raids of this nature and they are feared greatly by parents in eastern Dhoesone.

The human children are raised by the elves as Hanner Sidhe, and often become more sidhe than human during their upbringing.

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