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Rohrmarch is a land characterized by strong forests and rolling plains, scarred by battlefield sites. The Coulladaraight dominates Rohrmarch?s northern provinces. The thick forest is most foreboding at the foot of the Vicissitude Mountains, at the edge of the Vampire?s Domain. Cedar and oak tower over any travelers passing through this region. The forest gradually thins at it nears the south, finally giving way to grassy meadows and tilled fields in Friedlund, Alklund and Nunkappel provinces. The civil war has left its mark on the land, particularly in hotly-contested Friedlund. Blasted land, soaked in the blood of the warriors who perished dot the landscape, forming enclaves of barrenness among the tilled fields. The Shadow World is said to be particularly close in these areas at night and only the foolish trespassed in these areas during such times.
Rohrmarch has two major cities. Although both rest along major bodies of water, only one, Kiedel, functions as a port. While Oden lies on the banks of the Khurinlach, the Khurinbyrn River is not navigable. In any case, the river lies in the Chimaeron, where bandits and even more nasty monsters await the unwary traveler. Kiedel, a low wood and stone settlement, accesses the Gulf of Coeranys through an inlet dividing Chimaeron and the Hydra?s Domain.


Rohrmarch has a varied climate. In the north, storm clouds are funneled through the gap between the Iron Peaks and the Vicissitude Mountains before wreaking regular thunderstorms in the northern provinces. Because of the frequent rain in the north, the temperature never grows genuinely warm, even at the height of summer. In winter, snow replaces rain as the constant precipitation and traveling in the area becomes very dangerous. In addition to avalanches from the Vicissitude Mountains, something as prosaic as heavy snow on tree branches can cause a broken tree limb to brain the unwary traveler.
In contrast, the south enjoys cool summers and a gentle sun. Its proximity to the coast also ensures that cold snaps and a heavy snowfall in winter are a practical rarity.

[top]Natural Resources

Rohrmarch remains rich in natural resources. The well-watered northern provinces provide the guilds of Rohrmarch a roaring trade in timber of cedar, oak, maple, yew and chestnut. The rich land keeps the forests healthy and there is no danger as yet of deforestation and other related ills of logging. The hills of Rohrgaard and Osternord yield great amounts of coal, iron and copper and are exploited by mines, worked hard by the people of Rohrmarch.
Near the Vicissitude Mountains, there are rumors of veins rich in precious metals and minerals. However, not even the two intrepid guilds of Rohrmarch are willing to establish such a permanent presence in the shadow of the Vampire?s Domain.

[top]Flora and Fauna

The Coulladaraight has retained its raw beauty in Rohrmarch, despite centuries of human rule and exploitation. In the Coulladaraight, deer, foxes, badgers, hares and all manner of forest creatures can be seen with regularity. Grouse, gannets and pheasants nest among the branches, while eagles and ospreys hunt in the air above. In the plains of Alklund, Friedlund and Nunkappel, barley, wheat and tubers are grown. Field mice and rabbits also inhabit the plains, causing pest problems that occasionally trigger an extermination drive. Along the Khurinbyrn River, birch and willow trees grow along the banks.
These trees can also be found growing in small copses near the swamp that is the Hydra?s Domain. At the edge of Rohrmarch where it reaches the Hydra?s Domain, the ground becomes more waterlogged, strange, twisted rotting trees can be seen.
Gnolls and orogs, and even the occasional owlbear from the Iron Peaks make the occasional journey across the Khurinbyrn River to raid Rohrmarch?s western provinces. Fortunately, they do not do this in great numbers, as yet.


Rohrmarch has a mixture of freeholders who own their farms as well as serfs who work on land belonging to landed lords. This is largely due to Rohrmarch being a melting pot of Brecht, Anuirean and Khinasi culture. In general, the practice of serfdom exists primarily among the Anuirean nobles, who maintain large plots of land, worked on by serfs, while Brecht nobles have smaller estates, and supplement their income by branching out into other trades or businesses. The middle class is also largely Brecht, i.e., those who own their own farmsteads. These generally consist of a wooden cabin, a barn and granary, one or two sheds, a chicken coop, a goat or cattle pen, a sheepfold and a doghouse. Such a farm would be managed by one extended family.


No discussion of Rohrmarch?s geography would be complete without its battlefields. During the civil war, there were several major clashes between the forces of King Alaric and Prince Oden. Some of these clashes took place in Edel and Werthangen but by far, the majority took place in Friedlund. Not even grass grows in these blasted areas, so badly trampled by boots and soaked in blood are they. Burial mounds also decorate these sites and are usually the first thing a traveler spots on the horizon. Naturally, such places experience a thinning of the barrier with the Shadow World. During winter nights, reports of undead begin to increase. Troops of skeletons march in purpose but with no direction, and other even more powerful undead are rumored to roam the land, such as wights and shadows.

[top]The Battlefield of Friedhaven

Friedhaven was where Prince Oden and King Alaric fell in battle. The battlefield covers a large field just at the edge of the forest. Burial mounds, at least 30, surround the field. Given the significance of the battlefield and the large numbers of troops killed, priests of Haelyn have taken extra precautions to stave off the Shadow World. Daily ceremonies have been held since the battle, despite the expense and effort. Still, many report seeing the spirits of King Alaric and Prince Oden continue their ghostly battle at night.

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