Racial Restrictions: Elf or Half-Elf or Blood Scion, not Dwarf or Halfling
Important Attributes: IQ
Important Skills: Knife, Spear, Staff, Crossbow, Dart, Spear Throwing, Sling, all crafting skills, all profession skills, Acting, Body Language, Fast-Talk, Gesture, Occultism, Ritual Magic, Symbol Drawing, Thaumatology, Will
Important Skills Number: 4
Prerequisite Advantages: Charisma I
Allowed Advantages: Sorcery [25], Ally (Familiar) at any time

If a non-Elf and non-Half-Elf sorcerer looses the Blood Scion advantage, he looses the Magery advantage and all his spells and cannot learn any new ones. Regaining the Blood Scion advantage returns the Magery advantage but all the spells are permanently lost and will have to be relearned. Loss of spell does not return the points spent to learn them. A character who has lost his Sorcerer spells may normally learn magic from other professions.


Allows spellcasting like Magery but using Charisma advantage instead of Magery. A character with Sorcery and Charisma is considered to have Magery advantage of the level equal to Charisma advantage for all purposes. The character may still take Magery advantage to learn a diferrent kind of spellcasting. [25]

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