Important Attributes: ST, DX, HT
Important Skills: all weapon skills, Shield, all crafting skills, all profession skills, Animal Handling, Blind Fighting, Camouflage, Climbing, Diagnostics, First Aid, Geography, Hidden Lore (dungeons), Hiking, Holdout, Jumping, Knot-Tying, Mimicry, Naturalist, Observation, Physician, Poisons, Riding, Running, Search, Shadowing, Stealth, Survival, Swimming, Tracking, Perception, Will
Important Skills Number: 9
Prerequisite Advantages: Animal Empathy, Very Fit
Prerequisite Disadvantages: Intolerance (any creature type)
Special Prerequisite: Must have either Fast-Draw skill or Off-Hand Weapon Training or Dual-Weapon Attack or Two-Weapon Fighting technique.

Allowed Advantages:
Favoured Enemy [12]
Ally (animal companion)
Favoured Enemy [12] (with Intolerance disadvantage first)
Terrain Adaptation (forest) [5]
Favoured Enemy [12] (with Intolerance disadvantage first)
Favoured Enemy [12] (with Intolerance disadvantage first)
Favoured Enemy [12] (with Intolerance disadvantage first)

Each Ranger must choose a flavour, either Non-Magicl Ranger or Ranger of Erik.
Ranger of Erik gains access to Power Investiture (Druidic) level 1 only and Druidic abilities at any time.
Non-Magical Ranger may take up to 4 Favoured Terrain advantages at any time.

[top]New Advantages

[top]Favoured Enemy

+1 to all skill rolls and effects of Striking ST 2 against the subject of Intolerance prerequisite disadvantage. All favoured enemies after 1st require intolerance disadvantage first. [12]

[top]Favoured Terrain

+1 to Blind Fighting, Camouflage, Mimicry, Naturalist, Observation, Stealth, Survival and Perception in chosen terrain. [3]

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