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Professions are based on GURPS powers. This is the most logical way to go since powers have the role of giving access to exotic and supernatural advantages and spells, and almost every D&D class ability is supernatural from GURPS point of view. Professions have significantly more prerequisites than powers, however, and those prerequisites have to be maintained for a character to have access to the profession. Except where noted, a character who looses access to a profession may still use the advantages gained from professions but cannot improve them or take new ones. A character may have any number of professions at the same time. Advantages and disadvantages allowed by the profession must be taken in order in which they are listed, unless otherwise noted.

Racial Restrictions: Members of some races simply cannot take certain professions, although GM might make an exception in some cases. Anuireans are never Barbarians, for example, and a Human who was raised in Anuirean society probably cannot take Anuirean Racial Template. Elves are never Barbarians either, but an Elf raised by the Rjurik might be allowed by the GM to take Barbarian Profession. As an extreme example, Dwarves may never learn Arcane magic regardless of their upbringing.

Important Attributes: One of those attributes has to be the highest attribute (or one of the highest) in order for the character to qualify for the profession.

Important Skills: Character must be trained in certain number of important skills in order to qualify for the profession. Being trained in a skill means spending at least 1 point on it so that it is at higher success number than the default. Also includes Will and Perception. Being trained in Will or Perception means spending at least some points on them so that they are higher than IQ. Some skills are listed in groups for a more compact list. Weapon skills, melee weapon skills and ranged weapon skills are self-explanatory. Crafting skills are all skills that allow creation of a useful item on successful use. Profession skills are skills that represent ordinary non-adventuring professions but do not fall into crafting skills or knowledge skills category. Knowledge skills are all skills that represent knowledges, lores and sciences. Knowing foreign languages at Broken or better level may also count as an important skill.

Important Skills Number: Number of important skills the character must be trained in in order to qualify for the profession.

Prerequisite Advantages and Disadvantages: The character must have all the listed advantages in order to qualify for the profession. If an advantage has a level specified, equal or higher level is enough to qualify for the profession unless otherwise noted.

Allowed Advantages: Advantages allowed by the profession. Unique advantages listed here may only be taken if a profession allows unless otherwise noted. In addtion, some mundande advantages already existing in GURPS rulebooks have been attached to one or more professions and cannot be taken without a profession unless otherwise noted or allowed by GM. Exotic and supernatural advantages are always unavailable except through racial template or profession. Some advantages listed as allowed for some professions are available even without the profession - this represents advantages required to progress in the profession.

Basic Rules mundane advantages attached to professions:
Ally: limited to members or playable races and ordinary domesticated animals. Familiars, animal companions and other supernatural allies are restricted.
Danger Sense
Enhanced Defenses
Extra Attacks
Night Vision
Plant Empathy
Rapid Healing

Professions and RP collection: Professions are most importantly used to determine the RP collection in domain mechanics. For that purpose, a character must have at least one Primary Profession. A character may have more than one Primary Profession, but the RP collected is divided by the number of Primary Professions. The first profession taken is automatically Primary Profession. Thereafter, whenever a character takes an advantage from a profession or improves a profession's important attribute, a secondary characteristic or a skill, he may take that profession as Primary and remove a number of old Primary Professions. A character without profession collects half RP from all types of holdings. Regardless of the number of Primary Professions, a holding may never give more than a full RP collection. For example, a character who has two professions which give full RP collection from Law holding will gain only a single full RP from Law holdings. The same is true for a character who has a profession that gives full RP collection and a profession that gives half RP collection from Law holdings.


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