Each domain is an advantage that grants an effect and a number of spells which ordinarily are not available for casting with Power Investiture (Cleric). Prerequisites of additional spells may be ignored if they are not available to the Cleric. If a domain advantage can be leveled, only the first level is needed to advance as a Cleric and the advantage may be upgraded at any time.

Name Favoured Weapons Domains
AvaniSpearsKnowledge, Law, Magic, Reason, Sun
BelinikTwo-Handed AxesStrength, Terror, Tyranny, War
CuiraécenBroadswords, SpearsStrength, Storm, War
EloéleKnivesDarkness, Illusion, Trickery
ErikTwo-Handed Axes, SpearAnimal, Earth, Plant, Wilderness
HaelynTwo-Handed SwordsJustice, Nobility, War
KrieshaMacesSuffering, Winter
LaermeBowsCharm, Fire
NesirieSpearsHealing, Protection, Sea
RuornilStavesKnowledge, Magic, Moon, Spell
SeraFlailsLuck, Trade , Travel

Name Favoured Weapons Domains
Cold RiderUnarmedCharm, Death, Magic, Undeath
KartathokSpearsDestruction, Strength
MoradinWarhammerDwarf, Earth, Metal, Protection
TorazanBroadswordsCavern, Earth, War
YeenoghuFlailsBestial, Trickery, War


Deities: Erik
Prerequisites: Naturalist
Effect: Speak with Animals [25], Limited Use 1/day -40% [15]
Spells: Beast-Soother, Master, Animal Control, Beast Summoning, Geomancy, Repel Animal, Shapeshift Others, Shapeshifting
Cost: 45


Deities: Yeenoghu
Effect: Discriminatory Smell [15]
Spells: Accuracy (fangs), Sharpen (fangs), Might, Partial Shapeshifting, Loyalty, Total Paralysis, Berserker, Madness (bestial), Shapeshift Other
Cost: 20


Deities: Torazan
Effect: Dwarfnose [10]
Spells: See Hidden, Darkness, Continual Darkness, Gloom, Entombment, Walk Through Earth, Pathfinder, Earthquake
Cost: 15


Deities: Laerme, Cold Rider
Effect: Charisma 4 [20], Limited Use 1/day -40% [12]
Spells: Loyalty, Emotion Control, Suggestion, Charm, Lesser Geas, Great Geas, Permanent Madness, Mind-Sending
Cost: 17


Deities: Eloéle
Prerequisite: Blind Fighting
Effect: none
Spells: Fog, Strike Blind, Wizard Eye, Nightmare, Deathtouch, Body of Shadow, Blackout, Darkness, Gloom, Darkbolt (like Sunbolt)
Cost: 5


Deities: Cold Rider
Effect: Affliction (Heart Attack +300%) 1 [40], Limited Use 1/day -40%, Melee Attack (C) -30%, Malediction +100% [52/level]
Spells: Fear, Panic, Terror, Steal Energy, Steal Vitality, Zombie, Zombie Summoning, Evisceration, Summon Spirit, Solidify, Mass Zombie, Animate Shadow, Wraith, Command Spirit
Cost: 57


Deities: Kartathok
Effect: Striking ST 1 [5], Talent (Weapon Skill) 1 [5], Link +10%, Limited Use 1/day -40%, One Attack Only -60%. [2/level]
Spells: Deathtouch, Shatter, Weaken, Pestilence, Disintegrate, Earthquake, Explode
Cost: 7


Deities: Moradin
Effect: Upgrade racial Fit to Very Fit [10]
Spells: Accuracy, Vigor, Create Object, Shape Earth, Inspired Creation, Shape Metal, Divination (Geomancy), Magic Resistance, Summon Earth Elemental, Create Earth Elemental
Cost: 15


Deities: Erik, Moradin, Torazan
Effect: True Faith (Turning), against Air-based elemental creatures [25]
Spells: Stone Missile, Stone to Earth, Shape Earth, Create Earth, Earth to Stone, Body of Stone, Earthquake, Body of Metal, Summon Earth Elementa, Create Earth Elemental
Cost: 30


Deities: Laerme
Effect: True Faith (Turning), against Water-based elemental creatures [25]
Spells: Burning Touch, Create Fire, Resist Fire, Ignite Fire, Shape Fire, Essential Flame, Body of Flames, Flaming Missiles, Fire Cloud, Create Fire Elementa, Summon Fire Elemental
Cost: 30


Deities: Nesirie
Effect: +1 to effective level Power Investiture (Cleric) for determining effects of Healing spells.
Spells: none
Cost: 5


Deities: Eloéle
Effect: +1 to Power Investiture (Cleric) level for effects of Illusion spells [5]
Spells: Simple Illusion, Complex Illusion, Perfect Illusion, Illusion Shell, Independence, Invisibility, Scrywall, Blur
Cost: 10


Deities: Haelyn
Prerequisites: Detect Lies
Effect: none
Spells: Aura, Total Paralysis, Truthsayer, Curse, Teleport Shield, Lesser Geas, Great Geas, Oath, Turn Blade, Shield, Strengthen will, Vigor, Spark Storm
Cost: 5


Deities: Avani, Ruornil
Prerequisites: any knowledge skill
Effect: +1 effective level of Power Investiture (Cleric) for determining effects of Divination spells.
Spells: See Secrets, Mind-Reading, Projection, Divination, Know True Shape, Pathfinder, History, Ancient History, Prehistory, Seeker, Sense Danger
Cost: 11


Deities: Sera
Effect: Luck [15]
Spells: Missile Shield, Resist Fire, Resist Lightning, Resist Cold, Resist Water, Resist Acid, Resist Sound, Freedom, Strengthen Will, Independence, Complex Illusion, Invisiblity, Reflect
Cost: 20


Deities: Avani, Ruornil, Cold Rider
Effect: May use magical items reserved for Arcane spellcasters.
Spells: False Aura, Analyze Magic, Dispel Magic, Counterspell, Lend Spell, Magic Resistance, Pentagram, Reflect, Spell Shield, Ward, Great Ward, Remove Enchantment
Cost: 7


Deities: Moradin
Prerequisites: Axe/Mace
Effect: +1 to Axe/Mace skill while wielding a hammer [1]
Spells: Accuracy, Heat, Sharpen, Ruin, Shape Metal, Create Object, Dancing Weapon, Defending Weapon, Body of Metal
Cost: 6


Deities: Ruornil
Effect: +1 to Power Investiture (Cleric) when the moon is full and the sky clear [5]
Spells: Glow, Create Object, Light Beam, Sunbolt, Emotion Control, Perfect Illusion, Independence, Permanent Madness, Shapechange, Shapechange Other
Cost: 10


Deities: Haelyn
Effect: Inspiring Leader 1/day
Spells: Enthrall, Fortify, Deflect, Truthsayer, Command, Lesser Geas, Great Geas, Oath, Repel, Mind-Sending, Spark Storm, Storm, Hail, Thunderclap
Cost: 145


Deities: Nesirie
Effect: Doesn't Breathe (Gills) [10], Limited Use 1/day -40%, [6]
Spells: Warmth, Coolness, Thunderclap, Breathe Water, Freedom, Create Ice, Ice Sphere, Create Water Elemental, Summon Water Elemental, Waves, Current, Tide, Whirlpool, Geyser
Cost: 11


Deities: Erik
Effect: True Faith (Turning), against plants [25]
Spells: Tangle Growth, Body of Wood, Plant Growth, Plant Control, Shape Plant, Create Plant, Animate Plant
Cost: 30


Dieties: Nesirie, Moradin
Effect: Affliction [10] (+1/level HT, Will and Dodge or DX to avoid hostile effects +190%) [29], Melee Attack (C) -30%, Malediction +100%, Limited Use 1/day -40%, Extended Duration 10x +40% [50]
Spells: Utter Dome, Share Vitality, Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist Water, Resist Acid, Resist Lightning, Resist Sound, Ward, Great Ward, Magic Resistance, Pentagram, Repel, Strengthen Will
Cost: 55


Deities: Avani
  • +1 to Will rolls [4] to disbelieve illusions -30% [3]
  • IQ +1 [20], Limited Use 1/day -40%, One Roll Ony -60% [4]

Spells: Aura, Emotion Control, Mind-Reading, Gift of Tongues, Command, See Invisible, Know True Shape, History, Ancient History, Prehistory, Pentagram, Utter Dome, Sense Danger
Cost: 12


Deities: Ruornil
Effect: +1 to rolls to maintain spell when disrupted and +1 to Religious Ritual and Symbol Drawing [5]
Spells: Armor, Silence, Spellguard, Dispel Magic, Pentagram, Remove Enchantment, Maintain Spell
Cost: 10


Deities: Cuiraécen
Effect: Damage Resistance 5 [25], Limited Defenses (Electricity) -40%, [15]
Spells: Missile Shield, Wind, Storm, Hail, Spark Storm, Rain of Ice Daggers, Fog, Clouds, Rain, Warm, Cool
Cost: 20


Deities: Belinik, Cuiraécen, Kartathok
Effect: ST +1/level [10], Limited Use 1/day -40% [6/level]
Spells: Enlarge, Enlarge Other, Might, Fortify, Deflect, Ward, Great Ward, Vigor, Body of Stone, Corpulence, Wizard Hand
Cost: 11


Deities: Kriesha
Effect: Affliction [10] (ST -1, DX -1) 1 [12], Limited Use 1/day -40%, Melee Attack (C) -30%, Malediction +100%, Accessibility (living targets only) -10% [15]
Spells: Curse, Vigor, Steal Energy, Steal Vitality, Mindlessness, Deathtouch, Pestilence, Pain, Dehydrate
Cost: 20


Deities: Avani
Effect: True Faith upgraded with No Die Roll Required +100% [15]
Spells: Warmth, Coolness, Heat, Sunbolt, Flaming Armor, Explosive Fireball, Flaming Missiles
Cost: 20


Deities: Belinik
Prerequisites: Intimidation
Effect: none
Spells: Fear, Panic, Terror, Simple Illusion, Complex Illusion, Nightmare, Dream Sending, Mind-Sending
Cost: 5


Deities: Sera
Effect: Mind Reading [30], Limited Use 1/day -40% [18]
Spells: Mind-Sending, Persuasion, Glib Tongue, Message, Create Object, Know True Shape, See Secrets, See Invisible, Strengthen Will, Know Location
Cost: 23


Deities: Sera
Prerequisites: Survival, Hiking
Effect: Immune to Binding [10], Limited Use 1/day -40% [6]
Spells: Quick March, Seeker, Flight, Hawk Flight, Pathfinder, Teleport
Cost: 11


Deities: Eloéle
Prerequisites: Acting or Fast-Talk, Disguise, Holdout or Invisibility Art or Stealth
Effect: none
Spells: Illusion Disguise, Invisibility, Scryguard, Madness (Confused), Scryfool, Complex Illusion, Independence, Scrywall, Transform Object, Time Out
Cost: 5


Deities: Belinik
Effect: +1 to Power Investiture (Cleric) for determining effects of Mind Control spells [5]
Spells: Command, Enthrall, Truthsayer, Fear, Panic, Terror, Lesser Geas, Great Geas, Oath, Loyalty, Charm
Cost: 10


Deities: Cold Rider
Effect: Mind Control [50], Undead Only -30% [35]
Spells: Sense Spirit, Zombie, Curse, Summon Spirit, Steal Energy, Steal Vitality, Control Zombie, Zombie Summoning, Mass Zombie, Command Spirit, Animate Shadow, Bind Spirit, Enslave Spirit, Wraith
Cost: 40


Deities: Belinik, Cuiraécen, Haelyn, Torazan
Effect: +1 to weapon skill with deity's Favoured Weapon [2]
Spells: Accuracy, Dancing Weapon, Fortify, Deflect, Might, Explosive Fireball, Create Object, Dancing Weapon, Defending Weapon, Strike Blind, Stun, Deathtouch
Cost: 7


Deities: Erik
Prerequisites: Survival or Naturalist, Tracking
Effect: none
Spells: False Tracks, Plant Form, Plant Speech, Beast Speech, Divination (geomancy), Pathfinder, Animate Plant, Fog, Clouds, Wind, Rain, Hail, Warm, Cool, Storm, Shapeshifting
Cost: 5


Deities: Kriesha
Effect: Damage Resistance 5 [25], Limited Defenses (Cold) -40% [15]
Spells: Icy Touch, Resist Cold, Resist Fire, Hail, Storm, Frostbite, Snow Jet, Rain of Ice Daggers, Icy Breath, Ice Sphere, Wind, Rain, Cool, Warm, Clouds, Beast Summoning, Winter Wolf Control
Cost: 20

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