Blood Abilities are advantages granted by Divine Blood power. This power is not granted by any class but may be taken for free by any character with GM's permission. Blood Scion advantage is the talent associated with Divine Blood power. This power has no Source or Focus so it cannot be countered by any other powers or other means. Because of this, Divine Blood power does not reduce the cost of granted advantages.

Blood abilities are rolled randomly as per original Rulebook and Book of Regency rules. Rolled Blood Abilities are only potential and the character must first have the prerequisite level of Blood Scion advantage and then purchase the Blood Ability advantage itself in order to make use of the ability.


Same as Danger Sense. Those who already have Danger Sense may reroll. Costs 15 points.

[top]Alter Appearance

Morph (Cosmetic, Retains Shape, Limited Use 1/day). Costs 15 points.

[top]Animal Affinity

  • Minor: Animal Empathy (totem animal). Costs 2 points.
  • Major: Animal Empathy (totem animal), Speak with Animals (totem animal). Costs 7 points.
  • Great: Animal Empathy (totem animal), Speak with Animals (totem animal), Precise Detect Totem Animal, Alternate Form (totem animal, 1/day for 2 hours). Costs 30 points.


Bonus to military units lead on the battlefield. Costs 100 points.

[top]Berserker's Blood

Hard to Kill 1. If a HT roll where bonus from Hard to Kill applies succeeds, the character goes Berserk as per Berserk disadvantage. [0] (automatically taken when rolled)


Not an advantage in itself, but when rolled allows Anwshegh to take all kinds of supernatural and body-changing advantages and disadvantages with GM's agreement. Once the transformation begins, there is nothing the character can do to stop it and must go with GM's wishes until the end. Only rare Awnsheghlien like Rhuobhe are able to keep the changes to a minimum. Some few manage to force the changes into an alternate form like the Chimaera and the Banshegh.

[top]Blood History

Racial Memory (Active). Costs 40 points.


+1 effective level of Charimsa advantage when the mark is visible and recognized. Costs 5 points.

[top]Blood Trait

Like Bloodform, but the character is free to choose the extent of transformation or to completely prevent it. Each transformation should reflect other Blood Abilities of the character and in some way augment them.

[top]Character Reading

All attempts to assess someone's personality fail only on a critical failure. Costs 50 points.

[top]Charm Aura

  • Major: Emotion Control [25] (either friendliness or fear), Independent +70%, Limited Use 3/day -20%, Based on Bloodline Score +20%, Only against non-Blooded -10% [40]
  • Great: Emotion Control [25] (either friendliness or confusion), Independent +70%, Limited Use 3/day -20%, Based on Bloodline Score +20%, Only against non-Blooded -10%, Area Effret 25 yards +225%, Emanation -20%, Selective Area +20% [97]

Those who have both Great Charm Aura and Divine Aura may extend the range their Charm Aura to 32 yards for 6 points.


  • Minor: Unfazeable. Costs 15 points
  • Major: Affliction [10 ](Unfeazable +150%) [25], Malediction +100%, Area Effect 4 yards +100%, Selective Area +20%, Aura +80%, Always On -10%, Melee Attack (C) -30%, Based On Blood Score +20% [120]
  • Great: Affliction [10 ](Unfeazable +150%) [25], Malediction +100%, Area Effect battlefield +550% , Selective Area +20%, Aura +80%, Always On -10%, Melee Attack (C) -30%, Based on Blood Score +20% [208]

[top]Death Touch

May create an advantage that let's the scion use a poison attack. It may be an aura, a touch weapon, an enhancment of a natural weapon, an area effect or any other possible application of a poison. Maximum range for area effect is 8 yards. A Minor ability causes simple poisoning, while a Major ability stronger, lethal poison. May also be a Create Poison advantage.

[top]Detect Lie

May concentrate to attempt automatically successfu Detect Lie against target's Will roll. Costs 40 points.

[top]Detect Life

  • Minor: Detect Life, Precise only for plants [40]
  • Major: Detect Life, Precise for plants and animals with Acute Sense 1 [52]
  • Great: Detect Life, Precise with Acute Sense 2 [64]

[top]Detect Illusion

Automatically disbelieve all illusions. +2 to active disbelief. Costs 15 points.

[top]Direction Sense

Absolute Direction (only in wilderness for Reynir, only at sea for Masela). Costs 2 points.

[top]Divine Aura

+1 effective level of Charisma advantage [5]. May concentrate to expand the aura 1/day.
  • Major: Emotion Control [20] (awe only), Limited Use 1/day -40%, Area Effect 8 yards +150%, Emanation -20%, Selective Area +20%, Based On Bloodline Score +20%, Hearing- Based -20% [42]. Total [47]
  • Great: Affliction (Daze [15], Area Effect 8 yards +150%, Emanation -20%, Vision-Based -20%) [32], Terror [30] (Presence +25%) [38], Limited Use 1/day -40%, Selective Area +20%, Based On Bloodline Score +20%, Independent +40% [98]. Total [103]

Those who have both Divine Aura and Charm Aura may extend the range of their Divine Aura to 32 yards. Costs are:
  • Major: 20 points
  • Great: 37 points

[top]Divine Wrath

When angry (-20%) gain +2 to weapon skills [30], Striking ST 3 [15], Extra Attack 1 [25], +2 to Will [4], +2 to HT rolls [20], Damage Resistance 1 (Force Field) [6], maximized spell effects [20], Terror [30]. Costs 120 points

[top]Elemental Control

Ally (Summonable (+100%), Elemental, 40 – starting characters points worth [1-5], Minion (+50%), 1 minute (-65%) once per week (-70%)). Masela – Water Elemental, BasaiaFire Elemental, Reynir – Earth Elemental, AnduirasAir Elemental. Additional power depending on derivation:
  • Anduiras: Cast Shape Air spell as Blood Ability with max power 4.
  • Basaia: Cast Resist Fire spell as Blood Ability only at normal cost.
  • Reynir: Cast Walk Through Earth and Entombment only on self as Blood Abilities.
  • Masela: Cast Walk on Water as Blood Ability only on self.

All powers are used without material components. Each power adds 5 points to the cost.

[top]Enhanced Sense, Anduiras

[top]Enhanced Sense, Azrai

  • Minor: Night Vision 5 [5]
  • Major: Detect Shadow [10]

[top]Enhanced Sense, Basaïa

  • Minor: Acute Vision 3 [6]
  • Major: Acute Vision 3, Cast Light Jet as Blood Ability [11]

[top]Enhanced Sense, Brenna

  • Minor: Darkvision, Danger Sense vs being ambushed [30]

[top]Enhanced Sense, Masela

  • Minor: Sight and hearing ignore effects of extreme weather. [10]
  • Major: While outdoors, character can hear all conversations about him within 10 miles. [15]

[top]Enhanced Sense, Reynir

  • Minor: Can be surprised in wilderness only on critical failure on Perception roll. [10]

[top]Enhanced Sense, Vorynn

  • Minor: Precognition but only at will, without Danger Sense [10]
  • Major: Precognition [25]


Terror by touch 3/day [15] + Fearlessness 1 [2]. Total cost [17]

[top]Forest Walk

  • Minor: Terrain Adaptation (forest) [5], may learn Light Step [2]. Total [7]
  • Major: Also Mind Shield 1 only vs being located in forest [1]. Total [8]
  • Great: Also Warp [100], No Die Roll Required +100%, Blind +50%, Special Portal (forest) -20%, Preparation Required 24h (travel 24h through the forest) -70% [268]


  • Minor: Healing (Anything Alive +80%, Injuries Only -20%, 1/day -40%, Based on Blood Score +20%) [42]
  • Major: Healing (Anything Alive +80%, also remove temporary Paralysis or Blindness +10%, 1/day -40%, Based on Blood Score +20%) [51]
  • Great: Healing (Anything Alive +80%, also Remove temporary Paralysis or Blindness +10%, also Cure Poison +20%, 1/day -40%, Based on Blood Score +20%) [57]

[top]Home Hearkening

  • Major: Danger Sense for threats to the domain while away from it. [15]
  • Great: May also react to the threat by projecting orders to friends and allies back in the domain. Telesend [30], only when domain is threatened -60%, No Die Roll Required +100% [57]


Unkillable 3 [135] except by a predefined set of circumstances -10%, Immune to Poison [15]. Costs 150 points.

[top]Iron Will

Mind Shield 1 [4], Fit [5], +2HP [4]. Costs 13 points.

[top]Light of Reason

  • Minor: Create (Light) 1 [20], No Die Roll Required +100%, Reduced Fatigue Cost 2 +40%, Limited Use 3/day -20% [44]
  • Major: Also Affliction (Blindness disadvantage) [15], Limited Use 1/day -60%, Malediction +100%, Area Effect 8 yards +150%, Emanation -20%, Vision-Based -20%, Based on Bloodline Score +20% [41]. Total [85]
  • Great: Add to affliction: Innate Attack (burn) 1 [5], only vs undead -50%, Limited Use 1/day -60%, Malediction +100%, Area Effect 8 yards +150%, Emanation -20%, Vision Based -20%, No Die Roll Required +100% [15]. Total [100]

[top]Long Life

  • Minor: Extended Lifespan 2.5 [5]
  • Major: Extended Lifespan 4.5 [9]
  • Great: Extended Lifespan 6.5 [13]

[top]Major Regeneration

Regeneration (10 HP per minute) [75], Regrowth [40]. Costs 115 points.
Character with Major Regeneration and Bloodform has great chances to suffer or speed up transformation while regrowing a part of the body, regrowing it in totally or more transformed shape.

[top]Major Resistance

Grants a defensive advantage, either Mind Shield, Magic Resistance, Damage Resistance or Resistant to Poison. Different derivations have different limitations of choice. Level of advantages depends on the Blood Ability strength.
  • Mind Shield is available to Azrai, Brenna and Reynir.
  • Magic Resistance is only available to Great scions and only at Minor strength. Available to Anduiras, Azrai, Reynir and Vorynn.
  • Damage Resistance is available to Azrai, Brenna and Masela.
  • Resistant to Poison is available to Azrai, Basaia, Brenna, Masela and Reynir.
  • Other defensive advantages, especially other Resistant advantages, may appear in some families and may be taken by a PC in agreement with GM.

  • Minor: 3
  • Major: 5
  • Great: 8

[top]Mebhaighl Sense

  • Minor: Detect Spellcasting [5], No Die Roll Required +100% Only Direction -40% [8]
  • Major: Detect Spellcasting [5], No Die Roll Required +100% [10]
  • Great: Detect Spellcasting and Past Spellcasting [10], No Die Roll Required +100% [20]


May learn Suggest skill. [5]

[top]Poison Sense

Danger Sense for poisons only, but roll against Blood Score instead of Perception. Fail only on critical failure when poison is within 1 yard. [7]

[top]Protection from Evil

Enhanced Defenses (all) [30], Immune to Mind Control [15], Force Field +20%, Area Effect 8 yards +150%, Affects Others +50%, Always On, Only against Evil -20% [135]


Regeneration (Regular) [25], Regrowth (Minor + eyes) [25]. Costs 50 points.


Resistant to a school of magic. School depends on derivation and the level on the Blood Ability strength.
  • Anduiras: Mind Control and Empathy
  • Azrai: Necromantic
  • Basaia: Fire and Light
  • Brenna: Body Control and Movement
  • Masela: Water
  • Reynir: Weather
  • Vorynn: all elemental and Energy
  • Minor: +3 [5]
  • Major: +5 [6]
  • Great: +8 [8]

[top]Sea Song

Blessed [10], only on a body of water and questions about body of water -50%, Limited Use 1/week -60%, [2]

[top]Shadow Form

Insubstantial [80], Affect Substantial +100%, No Vertical Move -10%, Limited Use 1/day -40% [120]

[top]Touch of Decay

Create (solid) 3 [120], Destruction, Reduced FP Cost 2 +40%, No Die Roll Required +100%, Limited Use 1/day -40% [240]

[top]Travel, Azrai

Jumper (Shadow World), No Die Roll Required +100%, Limited Use 1/week -60%, only at night -20% [120]

[top]Travel, Basaïa

Warp, No Die Roll Required +100%, Special Portal (fire) -20% [180]

[top]Travel, Brenna

Warp, No Die Roll Required +100%, Special Portal (road) -20% [180]

[top]Travel, Masela

Warp, No Die Roll Required +100%, Special Portal (body of water) -20% [180]

[top]Travel, Vorynn

Warp, No Die Roll Required +100%, only at moonrise or moonset -60% [140]

[top]Unreadable Thoughts

Immune to Mind Reading [10]

[top]Wither Touch

  • Major: Innate Attack (Toxic) 1 [4], Affliction (ST -2 +10%, if it hits a limb, makes it useless (One Arm or One Leg disadvantage) +15%, Permanent unless healed within 5 days +200%, Irresistible +300%) 15 [938], Link +10%, Contact Agent -30%, Melee Attack (C) -30%, Limited Use 1/week [189]
  • Great: Innate Attack (Toxic) 2 [8], Affliction (ST -3 +15%, Permanent unless healed within 5 days +200%, Irresistible +300%) 15 [923], Affliction (Heart Attack +300%, Cyclic 1 day 5 cycles + 50%) 1 [45], Link +10%, Contact Agent -30%, Melee Attack (C) -30%, Limited Use 1/week [196]

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